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Samsung erweitert die Farbpalette fur seine beiden Smartphone-Flaggschiffe Galaxy S6 und Galaxy S6 Edge. Allerdings bietet der sudkoreanische Elektronikmulti nicht beide Galaxy-S6-Smartphones in den neuen Farben an. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Should you be getting ready to upgrade?The Samsung Galaxy S7 is without doubt the biggest smartphone launch of the year so far. Of course the s7 is better than the s6 in lots of ways but if you have a s6 you may have only had for six months or even less there is no need to feel like you need to upgrade. I HAVE THE S6 AND FINALLY FIGURED OUT THAT I DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE EVERY TIME BECAUSE WHAT PHONE COMPANIES DO IS KEEP CHARGING MORE FOR VERY SMALL DIFFERENCES ALSO KEEP YOU UNDER CONTRACT AND CHARGE ENORMOUS FEES FOR THE UPGRADE. Please refrain from using generalist statements, it's better than the iPhone 6 based on what? Going down from 16mp to 12mp has also seemed to have the odd effect of ruining their image quality. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Bisher gibt es die beiden Top-Smartphones von Samsung in den Farbvarianten Gold (Gold Platinum), Schwarz (Black Sapphire) und Wei? (White Pearl). Beide Gerate prasentierten sich als echte High-End-Smartphones mit erstklassiger Verarbeitung, hochwertigen Materialien und tollen Displays. LG might have something to say about that, but we're not expecting the G5 until April.If you're already a proud owner of the Galaxy S6, should be getting your wallet out in anticipation of an upgrade?Samsung arguably created its first truly beautiful, premium design phone last year, and it looks to have done the same with the follow up.

The s6 is a will remain to be a very fast competent and reliable smart phone throughout this year and into next. It's a very subjective comment to make, you could actually say "I prefer the S6 over the iPhone 6 and find it better" then you don't sound like a tool. Its hard PC material snaps securely onto the phone for form-fitting perfection that’s lightweight and bulk-free.
Nun kommen fur die beiden Superphones Metallicfarbtone in Blau und Grun hinzu: Blue Topaz und Emerald Green. It was possibly the best of the best in 2015 which gives such an awesome devise a certain amount of extended longevity. I took two photo's, ensured lens was clean on both to a fixed subject, and the S7 time and time again came out blurry.
The durable TPU casing inside the hard polycarbonate shell gives an overall polished look and acts as a defense system. Aktuell sind die neuen Modellvarianten zwar bereits bei Samsung und Onlinehandlern gelistet, konnen bislang aber lediglich vorbestellt werden.
The Air Cushion Technology® absorbs shock from bumps and falls securing your phone in place and keeping your device scratch free.
It was slick, metal and matched the iPhone for sheer high-end feel.With the S6 being such a design departure for Samsung, it never looked like like the Korean company would be trying anything similar this time around.
Not everyone carries around a tripod just to take the "perfect" shot, so I can't comment if the S7 gets better with a tripod. It’s now flush with the glass, which is a godsend if you’re a fan of knocking out an email with your phone on the desk.If we were being really critical, we would say that in a perfect world Samsung would have ditched the glass back for something less delicate.

But that’s picking at straws, the S7 is a beautifully designed phone.Samsung has also managed to reintroduce waterproofing to the series.
It says shots should be 95% brighter and the low-light autofocus has been dramatically improved. On the front there’s the same 5MP camera.Just like we mentioned in the performance section, the Galaxy S7 doesn't make a huge improvement to the overall picture quality of the S6. Prices started from ?599 for the entry-level 32GB model.This time around, Samsung has shaved off ?30.
The one and only 32GB model of the Galaxy S7 costs ?569.It's still expensive, then, but at least it's not quite as bad as before. Of course, you can currently pick a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 up through Samsung's official website for ?379, and it remains one of the best smartphones on the market.
If you don't demand the very latest tech, it's a good buy.SummaryIt’s true, we’re mightily excited by the Samsung Galaxy S7. Even though it almost mimics an Apple ‘S’ release with minimal changes, there are enough new additions to make it a worthwhile update.Adding back in the microSD slot is important, while making it waterproof is a nifty addition.

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