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Scott Kenyon Posts 2,156 Posts Global Posts 2,204 Global Posts Carrier MoDaCo Switch Beta 8 Re: Note 3 Case Thread.
Simon_y7 Posts 728 Posts Global Posts 758 Global Posts Re: Note 3 Case Thread. This must be just me, but something is ridiculously and perversely funny in how accessory manufacturers have to always and forever be on their tiptoes for every upcoming phone. AZwldcats Posts 353 Posts Global Posts 452 Global Posts Re: Note 3 Case Thread. I ordered the iLuv case because it will hold four credit cards and cash so I can dump my wallet. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will offer more storage than the Samsung Galaxy S4, and more storage than we originally reported, for nearly 11GB of free space for users who buy the device. When we shared the Galaxy S5 storage space available, we cautioned that the number could change as the device came to market and cautioned that the miscellaneous files showed a large amount of storage. The Galaxy S5 beats the Galaxy S4 on available storage, and both include a Micro SD card slot. A new report shows that the miscellaneous files were for the unpacked event, and will not be on the Galaxy S5 at retail, which gives users an additional 2GB of storage on the internal memory.

With the additional space users can install more apps or keep more files on the phone without buying a Micro SD card. This is a lot of added storage, but there are limitations to what users can keep on the Micro SD card in Android.
The best part about a Micro SD card for the Galaxy S5 is that it is a perfect place to keep photos users take with the 16MP camera. Samsung announced 16GB and 32GB Galaxy S5 models on stage, but so far there is no confirmation that U.S.
With this new information users should expect to see 10.7GB of storage on the Galaxy S5, which is an increase of more than 20%.
We discovered that while Samsung lets users move apps to the SD card on the Galaxy S4, it is not something that works for every app. Users should be able to default the camera storage to the SD card to keep the phone storage open for apps and movie rentals.
Some users may think this feature is familiar to the one of Apple called Apple’s Touch ID, but actually, you can have more benefit from this feature than just unlock the phone. It made the side square so the device was easier to hold, and is hard enough to still pocket.

Now, you can keep secret things safe and sound without the need of remembering any password. The Samsung Galaxy S5 price is  unconfirmed, but should be around $620 to $650 off contract and $199 to $249 on contract. Baru-baru ini, Samsung meluncurkan smartphone yang ditujukan untuk para pecinta selfie, yang diberi nama Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Dalam segi tampilan, tidak seperti varian Galaxy series lainnya, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo dan Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, tampilan Galaxy Grand Prime sedikit berbeda. Seperti yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime adalah smartphone bertema selfie, oleh karena itu tidaklah mengherankan jika smartphone ini memilki keunggulan dalam hal kamera, yaitu kamera utama 8MP, lengkap dengan LED Flash dan autofocus.
Dan kamera depan 5MP untuk selfie, dimana kamera tersebut didukung oleh lensa wide angle untuk memuaskan penggunanya dalam berselfie-ria.

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