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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update delivers new fixes, new features, and new enhancements for Samsung’s current Galaxy Note flagship.
In September, Samsung took the curtain down from around its Galaxy Note 4, a replacement for the Galaxy Note 3. Battery life issues always seem to plague Galaxy users after a new Android update though most of the time, it’s not the actual update that’s causing the problems. The first recommendation that we always make to people suffering from bad battery life is for them to check out third-party applications.
Third-party apps have a tendency to put a huge dent into the battery life on the Galaxy Note 4 or any other smartphone, regardless of the software that’s running on board.
Head into your settings and start taking a look at the effect that Galaxy Note 4 applications are having on the device’s battery life. If you think an app is draining more battery life than it should be, try reinstalling it to see if that corrects the issue.
When you have successfully entered into Safe Mode, you will notice the text ‘Safe Mode’ at the bottom left corner of the screen. If you haven’t restarted your Galaxy Note 4 in awhile, now is a great time to perform a simple restart.
One thing that we’ve noticed is that poor cellular coverage is often to blame for bad Android battery life. When your Galaxy Note 4 needs to search hard for a signal, it runs the battery down faster, so keep that in mind when you’re in spotty areas.
Switching to a black wallpaper could help deliver better Galaxy Note 4 battery life thanks to the way Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays consume power. These features allow you to block background data and turn on grayscale mode which can help to limit the amount of juice being sucked up. You also might want to consider replacing the stock TouchWiz launcher on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with something new. To factory reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, go into Settings, User & Backup, and select Backup and Reset. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, users can also factory reset using the hardware keys on the phone.
Once its off, press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power buttons together until you see an Android appear on the screen.
Use the Volume down key to select Yes – delete all user data and then use the Power button again to select it. This will erase everything on the Galaxy Note 4 bringing it back to the state it was in when you first bought it.
We’ve heard from several Galaxy smartphone users who say that this fixed bad battery life on Lollipop though it should be considered a last ditch effort.

But a second thought,we buy a wonderful smartphone at such a high price,but yet need to restrict the usage and function? While samsung galaxy note 4 is almost super smartphone,the battery consumption is less than desired.
Lol he’s obviously a newb just like the idiot that wrote this forum post written for idiots that actually read this crap. I was having battery issues on my t-mobile’s Galaxy Note 4 even before upgrading to lollipop. Samsung should just take a break from releasing the S and Note series for just one year so they can focus on a battery that last a week. We pay so much for a device that should be everything we desire and battery is excessively important to all of us just to be let down!
There are way too many articles with this same advice… Why get a smart phone if the first thing you have to do is disable everything that makes it a smartphone? Available on September 19, the phone will launch in eight countries, including the US, UK, Australia, and parts of Asia. The Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update started rolling out last month and it delivers some big time features to Galaxy Note 4 users. If you use an application a lot, it’s going to drain your battery but there are also times where bugs or issues might cause an app to go rogue and start abnormally draining the device’s charge.
You may need to turn on Airplane Mode when there isn’t a strong 4G or LTE signal in the area.
You can also slow down the processor, reduce screen performance, turn off the lights on the buttons, and turn off GPS to save battery life. This will wipe all of your files so you’ll need to make a backup before going this route. Let’s put the bloat ware aside, I agree that some of the function like WiFi can be turn off conveniently when we are out using service network, but function like GPS are very important when we are using phone protection or location services tracking devices., and switching to a air plane mode? Samsung should consider expanding their market by less bloatware (which can’t be disable or uninstall) which eat up space or drain battery.
After reading this forum and a couple other pages, I immediately went through and deleted any app that hasn’t been updated recently. I saw an article looking for this one that says the S6 has an even worst battery life than the S5.
Occasionally it has a hissy fit where it decides to very consistently drain the battery quickly over a single day or less and that problem lasts a couple of days and then in the past has seemingly corrected itself. She has been fired for 6 months but last month her pay was $18404 just working on the laptop for a few hours.

We put a man on the moon in the 60s yet we can’t develop a smartphone battery that last a week anymore?
I get so tired of non-authoritative guessing with absolutely no testing, no research and no clue as to what might actually be contributing to the issue. Though it shows marked improvements from its previous iteration , the new iPhone faces stiff competition from its Android rivals. Some have already gotten a taste of the changes, others are still waiting for the update to start rolling out.
If you want to fix your bad Galaxy Note 4 battery life, you’re going to want to keep an eye on applications for potential problems.
Hold down the power button, confirm that you want to turn it off, and then hold the power button down to turn it back on. There are tons of different launches to choose from though the Nova Launcher is one of Android’s most popular choices.
Seriously, Samsung, at the rate which technology is increasing, you have done virtually nothing to improve your battery life.
This is nothing more than a collection of battery tips from around the Internet and is undeserving of my time writing a reply or even reading it in the first place This is pure ad-bait and poorly written to boot. Namely, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 -- both of which sport bigger touchscreens, expandable memory, and quad-core processors. Booting the device into Safe Mode disables third-party apps and allows you to isolate apps that could be causing the problems.
To see how these devices stack up against each other on a spec-by-spec basis, take a peek at our chart below. I think the root cause for my battery problem was actually the hidden WiFi configuration (through *#0011#) which I turned off.
I shouldn’t need to go through and disable basic features to have my phone last the day. It turned out the only true solution for my issue was a factory reset which I did after the lollipop upgrade. So, for anyone having extreme poor performance in battery life I would strongly recommend to go right through factory reset instead of wasting time searching for the bad app or trying to turn off some of the note 4 features which had nothing to do with the issue.

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