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Touch and hold the recent apps button (left to home button) when you are on any of home screen page. You can navigate to other home screen pages by holding the widget to the left or right edge of current page. If there is not enough space for the widget, some apps will be pushed to the next page of the home screen. If you suddenly change your mind (not add the widget), you can drag the widget to the remove button at the top of the screen. If you don’t need the widget, you can remove it from the home screen just like any other app.

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This year will be no different – the Galaxy S5 Mini has been leaked numerous times in the past few weeks, with our exclusive post revealing its photos and specs leaving nothing to the imagination. Of course, it is up to the developer to decide whether the widget is fixed-size or re-sizable. Today, we have received some information about the release date of the Galaxy S5 mini – according to our source, the device will go up for sale in markets worldwide in mid-July.

Thankfully, the S5 Mini won’t be as mid-range as the Galaxy S4 Mini was, and will actually offer some of the features seen on the flagship it is spun off from, including a fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, and IP67 water and dust resistance. Five inchers are huge and these mini versions are for people who don’t like those stupidly big phones.

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