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Step-2: Presuming that you have a default or third party file manager in your smartphone, go to the S Voice APK placed in your smartphone and click on it to install it by following the on screen instructions. You can also follow the on screen instructions to install S Voice in your Android smartphone with the help of above interactive step by step screen captures.
Just as Galaxy S5 pre-orders begin on major US carriers, we’re finally starting to see official software builds from the device arrive.
Ready for a Samsung Galaxy S4  system dump and a chance to play with all of the goodies it contains? After the Galaxy SIII’s S Voice leaked over the weekend, user experiences were quickly halted as the servers that powered the service seemed to have been shut down or blocked. An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. After enjoying Samsung’s new S Voice service that had been pulled from the Galaxy SIII, users started to notice a network error appear often enough to assume that Samsung had blocked the service. The S Voice app from the Galaxy SIII is available for any rooted device running Ice Cream Sandwich to try at this time, thanks to a leaked full ROM from yesterday. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
I took delivery of a Galaxy S4 this week and have had nothing but a nightmare with the S Voice controlled voice dial via Bluetooth.
I disabled multi-view with multiwindow manager and the new s-voice still doesn’t work. I use svoice for voice interaction with alarms and inbound calls as well as occasionally using it to take pictures if I have my flip case on. I almost don’t want to reply to this given the amount of sheer hatred displayed for it on this page but I use s voice daily in my car. I meant no offense, I’ve tried it out but it was markedly worse than Google Now for most things.
Coming from a Galaxy nexus I know how useful Google now can be but since I got my note 2 I can’t honestly remember the last time I used the voice search feature over s voice. No one seems to be able to talk about S Voice, the voice-control application shipping with the new Samsung Galaxy S III, without referencing Siri. One of the big drivers of that early-21st-century voice-dialing push was Samsung, its SCH-3500 flip phone one of the first devices to ship with the feature. Jumping into S Voice to configure the service for the first time was fun in that special way that only geeks know: the giddiness that comes with configuring a brand-new headline feature on a smartphone.
There was no gender-selection option for the synthesized voice, but that wouldn’t  become important until later. Some of the other basic functionality was also great, like toggling system settings off and on. Other basic functions performed well, with accuracy and helpfulness diminishing as complexity increased. I decided to return to more domestic questions, and presented S Voice with a culinary query.
I should mention here that I don’t slur my speech, and I have a fairly typical Standard American dialect. Anyway, when I decided to take S Voice up on its offer to search the web for answers to the question of how to clean teeth, I found that I couldn’t, because it had stopped listening. Finally, it constantly missed words and -most infuriatingly- consistently cut me off before I was through talking. In all, I found S Voice to behave exactly as one would expect from a modified version of Vlingo, which is what it is. Now that Samsung has brought the fight to the mobile world with the Galaxy S III, it's time to focus on its voice-response abilities in S-Voice up against Apple's Siri.
The team at Samsung have taken what all Android devices are already capable of with Google Voice Actions and have amped up the game quite a bit, calling S-Voice here on the Galaxy S III. What we've experienced thus far with an early version of Samsung's S-Voice is that though you're able to set alarms, tasks and appointments, call contacts, open apps, and check the weather, working with the server-side processing S-Voice uses is hit-and-miss. Then head back to our hands-on extravaganza here for the Samsung Galaxy S III and stick with us here on SlashGear for all the Galaxy S III action you can handle through the future! Well, Android fans may take it as one of a few Easter eggs found in S Voice, I personally find it a bit lame don’t you think? It has a bunch of viagra next day amazing new features that can be ported to other Android devices pretty easily all thanks to Android’s open source nature.

Connect your smartphone to the computer and place the downloaded APK file in your device’s internal memory. In case the File manager does not get installed in your smartphone, you have to install it from the the Google’s Play Store. Thus you can easily install the latest S Voice application in your Android smartphone by following the steps mentioned above.
The folks over at SamMobile received one and have already begun pulling out apps for you to install. I’ll admit that they are probably more useful than 3D was, but how many people are going to find something like this useful on a daily or even hourly basis? For me personally though, I’m still struggling to find a way to fit it into my daily schedule, however, over time it could grow on me (assuming Samsung has plans to add in sports, movie and restaurant features). Developers over at XDA are on a mission to do just that, and with the release of these overlay files, I think they have completed the task. Some guessed that Samsung was behind it and sure enough today, they admitted that they were. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice. Usually these leaked ROMs are indeed test builds, so it’s hard to argue with that reasoning.
If you were running into this issue and can’t live without S Voice on your phone, there are a couple of fixes out there for you to try.
For those not familiar, this is Samsung’s attempt to put a Siri-like voice-actions system on their newest flagship device.
If you are installing on a Galaxy S3, it should install over the top of your current S Voice app. It also does not properly understand me often, resorting to a web search or making a mistake. The Apple-based equivalent launched first, of course, serving as one of the few features justifying the existence of the iPhone 4S, so comparisons are perhaps inevitable.
So it seems only appropriate that Samsung finds itself at the leading edge of the voice-command movement again, over ten years later.
So until a few days ago, I’d never used one of these latest-generation voice command applications. I did put up with the English-UK dialect setting for a few minutes before shifting it to the slightly-less-drunk-sounding English-US lady, though. It was one of the rare cases -maybe the only one- where I found using S Voice more convenient than using the touchscreen.
Still frustrated with a video project that fizzled earlier in the day, I asked S Voice where I could buy a camera. About two minutes into my first use, its voice changed from female to male, with absolutely no prompting from me. But that future won’t come to pass until companies graduate from treating it as a hobby to embracing it as a fundamental input method of the future.
This is a battle that shall be waged right out of the gate, with Samsung's S-Voice capabilities starting out with a bang with the ability to open applications with Apple's Siri is already a tried-and-true cool feature to be sure. This newest version of Samsung's take on voice controls with actions like "What's the weather for today?" and "I want to take a picture" and "Cheese!" all being understood right out of the gate. This of course could be due to the fact that the device and the software aren't at their final release level yet - we'll have to wait and see. We of course are quite familiar with Siri, it having been released even before the iPhone 4S as an independent app.
First up is the newest version of S Voice, the Siri-like voice actions application that was first introduced with the Galaxy S3. At this point, it’s only slightly better than some of the Android options and has a long way to go to become an ultra-powerful tool.
Once you flash the add-on files, you will have the sounds, wallpapers, applications, and other tidbits that seperate the SGSIII from every other phone on the planet. Doesn’t part of you think that they did it so that one of the exclusive features to the GS3 was preserved, though?
Does it live up to the hype as being better than Siri or is it just another player in the game that already has too many?
Should you decide that it’s not worth the update, you can uninstall and return to the stock version by uninstalling the update in the Application manager.

I was actually a little curious if there were people that liked using the samsung features that everyone calls a gimmick. After inputting my location and Facebook and Twitter credentials, I took the service for a test drive. It provided me with a list of Radio Shack locations- not my first choice, but still useful. When it finally changed back, again with no input on my part, it was the voice of a different woman.
I have a more fundamental concern: I spent more time thinking about how to put the app to use than actually testing its operation.
Is this going to be your deciding feature when choosing the iPhone or the Galaxy S III this summer?
Meanwhile its up to Samsung and their voice recognition partners, including Vlingo amonst others, to improve the show. You will be able to utilize S-Voice, S-Memos, and some other neat little things Samsung have developed. I personally don’t own a gs3 to really see how any of these features would impact me. This level of advertising spending on vocal command hasn’t been seen since Sprint made such a big deal out of voice dialing back in 2001. Asking S Voice what the weather was like in various locales got me a solid answer every time, and the results were presented beautifully on the app’s faux-carbon fiber background. Would you like tea instead?” and immediately leaving the table before you can answer. The two ladies have since alternated at random intervals, with Mystery Man remaining curiously absent … so far. I consulted the help screen several times to remind myself of all the things that can be done by voice rather than by tap.
Siri is limited to a few application interactions still here several months after launch with the iPhone 4S, but can answer questions about your schedule, check the weather, and several other similar items. But hey, if you like talking to your phone and found older versions of S Voice to be of use, feel free to give this new one a shot. I like direct dial, tapping the top of the phone on lists to scroll to the top, rotating the phone on the lock screen to take a picture, and turning the phone over to mute audio. While I was mildly impressed at how many corners of the phone could feel the warm touch of S Voice, I didn’t feel a compelling need to explore many of them. And when I did, the lackluster performance of the app reminded me why I just stick to tapping and swiping most of the time. I read a lot on my phone and that feature alone is worth getting these phones over other oem’s. I don’t know if you guys count s note as a gimmick but I use that daily as well as multi screen which is just awesome. Maybe they want to set the expectation cautiously so user would expect it to NOT recognize their voice the first time around?Dennis StahlCommon Samsung .. Patent that, because its going to be moneySamuraiartguyNot that intellectual property or copyright seems to mean all that much in Asia. No innovation in their products, just ideas from other, more successful platforms.Nick HansenErr, can this be more blatant?
I’m glad those fandroids enjoy the second rate rubbished being pumped out by Samsung.
If not, then they both suck.vegamcseI like how Fandroids all said Siri was a useless gimmick and now they are acting like S Voice is a groundbreaking and original featureBut it is useless. Idiots, they must think everyone is stupid, like their users.Samsung may not innovate when it comes to software, but take apart an iPhone and tell me who makes most of the parts. Idiots, they must think everyone is stupid, like their users.How do you know Galaxy S phones are second rate rubbish?

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