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Golden beaches, emerald hills and houses painted in a rainbow of hues make Quebec's Magdalen Islands a visual feast. Quebec’s Magdalen Islands are a windswept archipelago moored in the middle of Canada’s Gulf of St.
The analogy is fitting, for Quebec’s islands are awash in color, from the golden beaches and red cliffs to the emerald hills punctuated with houses in vivid shades of blue, pink, orange, purple and yellow, all surrounded by the blue of ocean and sky. The “Maggies,” as they’re known locally, may be reached by air from Montreal, but I prefer the five-hour journey by ferry from my home on Prince Edward Island.
From the boat deck your first sight of the Magdalens is of the rolling hills and soaring cliffs of Entry Island. You can explore the Maggies by car along the main road, which links the islands from one end to the other. The wind can be a challenge for cyclists, so you must pick your days for pedaling, but kayakers can usually find a protected shore from which to launch their craft.

Those stiff breezes are a big draw for wind sport enthusiasts, who flock to Quebec’s islands from across North America during the reliably windy months of August and September.
Most of the islands’ 13,000 or so inhabitants, called Madelinot, are Acadian, descendants of French settlers deported from the English colonies in 1755.
Tour old Quebec City or for an adventure head out to Village Vacances Valcartier the original snow tubing park, if open the Ice Hotel, and much, much more.
My favorite place to kayak is the sheltered east coast of Ile du Cap aux Meules, where you can paddle into sea caves and around sculpted sandstone sea stacks. The bright sails of windsurfers and kiteboarders dot the coastline, and the island’s cafes and restaurants buzz with excitement.
Some escaped to these remote islands, while others made their way to Louisiana, where the Acadians became known as Cajuns. Fishing boats crowd the harbors, ready to set out for lobster, crab, scallops, halibut and flounder.

I stand on deck and with a sense of longing watch Quebec’s Entry Island’s hills slowly disappear over the horizon.
On a map they resemble a creation of the abstract painter Jackson Pollock: a series of green daubs strung together by golden strands on a blue background. The French language surrounds you; most of the cars in the ferry line bear Quebec license plates.

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