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Teacher, the most important person in each and every one's life who imparts both academic knowledge and develops us into best citizen. The main motive behind the celebration of the Teacher's day is to honour their endless service and to pass the message that we really care for them .By celebrating the Teacher's day we also highlight the responsibilities in the hands of a teacher in bringing up a child to a future citizen. Apart from this they also take part in imparting ethical values to us and help us to face the challenges in our life.
Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan excelled at excellence in the teaching field and was also a great philosopher. The role played by them cannot be expressed in words for their sacrifice their entire life in grooming us .Thus invariably they play a major role towards the development of a child into a bright future citizen.

Thus the whole world considers this as a wonderful opportunity to thank the light bearers of our life with sincere gratitude. But Dr.Radhakrishnan instead suggested to have a celebration for the entire teacher's community as Teacher's Day which he considered as one of the best way to honour the dedication of the teachers in the field of teaching.
The teachers are entertained in a number of ways where special programs like dance, drama and music are organized mostly by the students. The Teacher's day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, by conducting various programs like dance, drama, mimicry of teachers, games, competitions, thanks giving, etc.
His suggestion was welcomed and after which his birthday was observed as Teacher's Day in India.

This Recommendation, for the first time ever, gave teachers, throughout the world, an instrument that defines their responsibilities and asserts their rights.

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