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That’s an old conversation, and we along with others have spent the better part of a year speculating on possible solutions to this problem.
Google seems to think the solution lies in pushing out products like the Nexus 10, devices with eye-catching features like a thin chassis and an ultra-high-resolution display. The S Pen first broke cover as an attachment to the initial Galaxy Note, launching into a market mostly dubious about the prospects for a stylus in the post-resistive-screen mobile world.
Can support for stylus functionality alone drag the full-sized Android tablet market out of its current doldrums? Some users will never find a home for the S Pen in their daily lives, and that’s fine. If you’re more comfortable using a regular-sized pen, Samsung has an accessory that should please you. Even though I have no issues using the small S Pen, I found using it with the holder much more comfortable overall. Because the side button sits under where my fingers naturally go I was more inclined to use it for the Home, Menu and Back gestures, thus eliminating the need to use my finger on the buttons. The main drawback to the S Pen Holder is that there’s no clever way to attach it to the Galaxy Note. ThinkPad Tablets, some HP Tablet-pc tablets, Motion Computing, and most other tablet-pc brands use Wacom penabled! This holiday season is shaping up to be absolutely insane in the mobile technology space, with new products landing almost more quickly than we can cover them.
Such is the case with the Galaxy Note II, a device we featured rather heavily in the weeks leading up to and following its release, crowned by the longest review I’ve ever written. The distinction is important not just from a snobby branding perspective; the S Pen really is different. Weirdo shortcuts aside, it’s plain to see how much utility the S Pen brings to the Galaxy Note II experience. It’s the very nature of capacitive styli that immediately handicap any would-be Galaxy Note competitor. The crucial difference tends to be this: most manufacturers are willing to slap on a capacitive stylus as an available accessory, or even to bundle one with a device.
In receive mode, the energy of the resonant circuit’s oscillations in the pen is detected by the tablet’s grid. If other companies want a piece of the pie, they must be willing to execute properly rather than tacking a rubber nub onto the end of a fancy-looking pen and selling it as an accessory.
Fue en Berlin, durante el pasado verano, donde Samsung presento su flamante Galaxy Note II, el digno sucesor de uno de los dispositivos mas sorprendentes del ano 2011. Ademas, es muy comodo en su utilizacion con una sola mano, pese a contar con una pantalla de 5,5 pulgadas.
Como podeis apreciar estamos ante un dispositivo muy potente que casi ha conseguido duplicar la potencia de su antecesor. Continuad leyendo si deseais saber mas sobre el Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Tambien cabe mencionar las funciones PopUp Video, que hace flotar cualquier video sobre el escritorio deseado, Allshare Cast y S-Beam, que nos permite compartir contenidos entre varios dispositivos de una forma facil y comoda.
Su funcionamiento es simple; el Galaxy Note II cuenta con una barra vertical en la parte izquierda de la pantalla, que incluye aquellas aplicaciones que soportan la multitarea. Para comenzar a usar esta maravillosa funcion, el usuario pulsa sobre la primera aplicacion en cuestion y la arrastra hasta la pantalla. Gracias a esta herramienta productiva que Samsung ha incorporado en este smartphone, podemos dibujar y ejecutar acciones directamente sobre su gran pantalla. Fisicamente tiene un diseno muy cuidado y elegante con acabados en plastico,e  incorpora un boton que permite realizar acciones rapidas, scroll en paginas, etcetera. Podemos adquirir el Galaxy Note II libre, por unos 560 euros en tiendas online como PC Componentes, Amazon o Redcoon.
Sin duda alguna te recomiendo Banahosting :) ?Echa un vistazo a los planes haciendo clic en su nombre!
Kijk, dat er meer en meer geruchten opduiken over de Samsung Galaxy S4 is wat mij betreft helemaal top. Over deze S3 gesproken, ook daarvan deed eventjes het gerucht de ronde dat hij met S Pen op de markt zou komen.

Zeker is, dat het toevoegen van de S Pen aan de Galaxy S serie een enorme verandering in strategie van de Zuidkoreanen zou betekenen. Dat gezegd hebbende ben ik natuurlijk wel benieuwd: zou jij het een goed idee vinden, een S Pen in de Galaxy S4? Het enige dat ik hoop op dit moment is dat het scherm geen 5 inch word, nergens voor nodig. Lees alles over ons gebruik van zogeheten 'cookies' en hoe we met de privacy van onze bezoekers omgaan HIER. Outside of the Nexus program, though, OEMs are taking their own approaches to stand out from the rest of the Android pack. But the S Pen brought more than most styli to the table, integrating with a Wacom digitizer and special software on the handset to deliver a specialized experience, and so both pen and phone survived the initial wave of skepticism.
And yes, they were coded for the smaller displays of phablets, not the expansive acreage of full-sized tablets. The Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit has both an extra S Pen and a Holder that makes it the size of a normal pen. Smooth, glossy black plastic dominates except near the tip where there’s a rubberized coating for greater comfort.
You can use either the replacement S Pen that comes with the holder or the one that comes with the Galaxy Note or other replacement S Pens you may have to buy in the future.
If you value having the port right therefor storage  it may put you off using the larger pen. I have a digitizer pen from an older ThinkPad tablet PC lying around and decided to try it on the Galaxy Note — it worked, side button and all.
If the size of the S Pen is really a problem for you then the larger holder will make your experience more comfortable. Wacom themselves used to sell generic unbranded replacement styluses themselves and they can be found on ebay and the like. The pace of announcement and release shows no sign of slowing, but if you’re an OEM, one of the nice things about launching a truly impressive beast of a device is that it stays in the headlines a while. In case you missed our S Pen Lesson from a few weeks back, check it out below to see a few ways Samsung has enhanced the stylus experience on the Galaxy Note II.
HTC got closest with the functionally similar (but massive) stylus for its Flyer tablet, but other OEMs seem content to offer only unimpressive capacitive styli for use with their devices. Far fewer are willing to go the extra step of changing their smartphone designs to accommodate the added technology a stylus requires to truly shine. The displays of these devices are different, incorporating a Wacom digitizer in addition to the standard capacitive elements we’ve come to know and love in our smartphones.
This information is analyzed by the computer to determine the pen’s position, by interpolation and Fourier analysis of the signal intensity.
As a result, they offer a stylus experience that’s either nonexistent or severely deficient by comparison. Esta considerado como uno de los smartphones mas potentes del mercado actual, y no es para menos. Innova con la denominada multitarea real que tambien encontramos en la tablet Galaxy Note 10.1. Estas son, en su mayoria, apps integradas de forma nativa (Chrome, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, la Galeria de fotos…). Dispone de una precision casi perfecta, que nos permite realizar dibujos a mano alzada como si estuvieramos haciendolo sobre el papel. En tiendas fisicas cuesta un poco mas, aunque en Media Markt esta actualmente a un muy buen precio, 575 euros. De Galaxy Note 2 is een fantastische smartphone, en de stylus geeft het apparaat een aantal unieke mogelijkheden. Dankzij de S Pen zal de Galaxy S4 allerlei mogelijkheden krijgen die we tot nu toe niet zagen in de Galaxy S smartphone serie: op een natuurlijke manier tekenen, schrijven, mappen en email berichten previewen zonder ze te selecteren, etc. Waarom precies is lastig te achterhalen, want natuurlijk heeft de Galaxy S3 geen S Pen (oke, wel een optionele stylus, maar die kun je voor iedere andere smartphone ook kopen).
Het is moeilijk duidelijke logica te ontdekken in het toevoegen van het element dat de Note serie tot de Note serie maakt aan de Galaxy S4.

Of zie je liever dat Samsung de kostbare ruimte in de body van het toestel gebruikt voor, ik noem maar wat, een grotere batterij? Wij claimen geen auteursrecht op gebruikte grafische materialen, noch merknamen en produkten die via de site gecommuniceerd worden. Dat lijkt ons sterk ;) Maar mocht dit toch het geval zijn, schroom dan niet om jouw kennis met ons te delen via INFO at SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 punt NL (zonder spaties, uiteraard). But this story is still instructive, in that it gives us an idea of how much value Samsung places on the S Pen as a differentiator. We can see that Samsung hasn’t just left S Pen apps to wither on the vine, as it maintains an active support structure to promote use of the special SDK. But in concert with other standouts, it has a good chance of eventually giving the iPad a run for its money in the user experience sense. And that’s a world that, despite its incremental growth over the past year, needs all the help it can get. With the S Pen inside, the whole thing is a little heavier than a typical pen, but not so much that this is a problem. And because the holder is longer than the S Pen it’s easier to write on the screen without touching it with your palm.
It must be said: the Galaxy Note II, and its predecessor, are successful devices in part due to their styli.
But overall, the experience of using the device is enhanced by the addition of the S Pen, and that seems true in the tablet-sized Note experience as well. The result is a display that can sense pressure, not just mere contact– over 1,000 levels of it, in the case of the newer Notes.
In addition, the pen communicates other vital information, such as pen tip pressure, side-switch status, tip vs. A competitor who figures out how to improve on the stylus experience still has a chance to carve out a sub-niche in the formerly narrow phablet sector. Gracias a ella podemos  dividir la pantalla en dos mitades independientes en las que ejecutamos dos aplicaciones al mismo tiempo.
Una vez estan en funcionamiento, es posible aumentar o disminuir el tamano de cada una para trabajar con ellas de la forma mas comoda posible. De S Pen is dan ook het onderscheidende element van alle Note smartphones en tablets – een unique selling point van jewelste, zogezegd. In a very real sense, the once-mockable S Pen played a large part in forging Samsung’s identity in the Android smartphone space. Because in addition to releasing an SDK for the S Pen, Samsung continues giving developers a reason to leverage it to make new and interesting apps. We know the company has as much as anyone else to lose if the full-size Android tablet space fails to take off. Those standouts include the continued growth of the Google Play Store as a content destination, the rising quality of full-size tablet hardware, and the growing footprint of the tablet market and the Android ecosystem in general. The inclusion of the digitizer means Galaxy Note displays diverge significantly from their Wacom-less counterparts. They just have to care enough, and believe enough that they’d realize a substantial return on the effort, to do it right.
Empece trabajando para otros en Internet y un dia me dije a mi misma: "?Por que no hacerlo para mi?".
Now, Samsung is relying on the S Pen to do similar legwork on its behalf in the tablet sector.
For example, applying more or less pressure to the tip of the pen changes the value of the pen’s timing circuit capacitor.

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