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When aiming for jobs in Singapore for foreigners, here’s a quick look at your Singapore visa and work visa options.
The EPEC allows foreigners to stay in Singapore for up to one year to facilitate their job search in Singapore. You can apply for (and extend) a regular visa to visit Singapore for a short while and search for a job during this time. The EP is for skilled employees who will be working in Singapore, with a minimum salary starting at S$2,800. The S Pass is for mid-skilled employees who will be earning a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,000. If you are a Dependant Pass holder and want to work in Singapore, then a prospective employer can employ you by applying for a Letter of Consent (instead of an EP or S Pass, which are also possible options).
Note: The minimum salary requirements change from time to time, so please follow the links provided above, to view the latest figures on the MOM website. Find out which jobs suit you best, using career tests for your personality, interests, skills, values and goals.
Use career coaching to advance your career and increase your earnings, by improving your effectiveness in the workplace. Have a quick discussion with a career counsellor, to speak about and resolve any situation or issue you are facing at work. Getting a Singapore pass is simple if you’re using Global Visas, the world’s biggest and most trusted immigration consultancy.
Immigration information – Visa Singapore, employment pass, work pass, dependant pass, permanent residency Singapore. Read frequently asked questions on Singapore dependent pass – visa for family members of work pass holders.
Information on Singapore Dependant Pass – visa for family members of employment pass and entrepass holders. Hi Folks, Singtel recently launched a new plan specially catered for the needs of foreigners working in Singapore. S Pass and E Pass (Employment Pass) are just two among the employment visas and permit needed by foreigners to work in Singapore.

Foreign workers in Singapore who earn more than SG $ 2,200 monthly are required to have an S Pass, also termed as Singapore Employment Pass.
On the other hand, if the foreign worker is earning more than SG $ 3,000 monthly, he needs E Pass. Your employer or the company in Singapore which will hire you will give you the list and the requirements for the S pass processing. Usually, you won’t pay anything for this since your employer will be the one who will process the permit. After the finger-printing and photo-capturing at it takes 4 working days before you can claim your S Pass at Work Pass Service Centre. I wann work permit in Singapore can u explain me how I meet work permit visa in singapore . If you are interested in us and taking our candidates we request you to kindly please send your latest demand & Oblige. Hi friends please help me through an agency I got job in Singapore the visa process took 20days more than that finally agency said ur visa approved and gave me fin number after a day they are asking me pay 1000$ to approve visa please help me how to find the fin num given belong to me.
I think the time has come that punitive levies (Min S$1.5K) are levied on foreigners working in singapore, this mean people on Q1 pass, s pass, x-pass and any other passes.
The reason for this is simply because if you are foreigner working on a pass, employers do not have to pay CPF contribution for the foreign employee. This in turn distorts the labour market and put locals at a serious disadvantage, but by putting putting punitive levies on them, the playing field will be levelled. By doing this locals will have more jobs hence it will pump prime the economy for singapore as the domestic spending will increase together with purchasing power. Singaporeans are basically being robbed of their future with all the different type of clown passes being introduced in the name of greed. Successful EPEC applicants are required to apply for a one-year Visit Pass to allow them to stay in Singapore.
This pass is valid for 5 years but you cannot be unemployed for more than 6 months at a stretch.
Previously, he has worked with organisations such as Bain & Company, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup.

I have just moved to Singapore with my partner – we are both British and not married but have been living together for 4 years.
The Dependant's Pass is for spouses or children of current visa holders in Singapore, who want to shift to Singapore.
But usually your employer will be the one to forward this to you so you will fill out the details.
Your employer or company in Singapore must gather all documents required by the Ministry of Manpower. Always get in touch with your employer in Singapore about your work permit and about any update with your employment. The popularity of this option has increased over the years with people looking for jobs in Singapore for foreigners.
This visa is designed for medium-skilled workers and it is approved and granted if the employer has complied in the quota in hiring international workers and the foreign worker’s qualifications are assessed positively by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. With this visa, you can live and work in Singapore for two years and you can renew your E Pass too provided you are still employed in SG. Processing time online takes as fast as 2 working days and the result or status of application can be checked and tracked online.
Your employer may ask for your travel documents details, immigration pass, medical examination results and some compensation and insurance details. Once a company liked you and want to hire you officially, you need to submit documents that are required for your S Pass.
Having a job in Singapore requires this types of permits before you can stay, live and work in this beautiful country.

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