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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:A  It is a scientifically proven fact that a calm and composed mind helps humans live longer. The 50 MW solar thermal plant set up by Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd at Nagalapuram village in Anantapur district. Utilising this natural phenomenon and to promote clean energy solutions, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) established a 50 Mega Watt (MW) solar thermal power plant in the district, which uses concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, one of its first in south India. It holds true for animals too, proves the life of Chenkalloor Dakshayani, the 85-year-old female elephant owned by the Travancore Devaswom Board.In her decades-long glorious career, Dakshayani hasna€™t ever gone unruly or attacked anyone, testify her keepers.
It gains significance as the district is one of the few places across India which receives heat radiation of such strength. MEIL established this plant through its unit MEIL Green Power Limited (MGPL).MGPL was awarded the 50 MW solar thermal power plant as part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).
Estonians Leila, Liina and Lily Luik are identical triplets and two of them are in Kochi to take part in the inaugural Cochin International Half Marathon slated to be held on Sunday.a€?Lily wanted to run here, but she was forced to stay back at home after getting injured,a€? Leila explained to those searching for the absent third sister.
In the impact, the car broke through the median and landed on the other side of the highway.
With the temperature dropping to sub-zero levels in their country, the sisters have devised an escape route, via India, to Kenya where the conditions are optimal for long-distance running.a€?The climate here is almost similar to that of Kenya and is good for marathons.
The royal family had bought the calf from the Kodanad elephant camp, near Ernakulam.A  She was shifted to the Chenkalloor Mahadeva Temple in the district around 50 years ago.
Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. The plant, commissioned on Thursday, is spread across 600 acre of Nagalapuram village in Peddavadaguru mandal of Anantapur district and built at a cost of ` 848 crore.
The animal is quite healthy and still participates in rituals held in connection with the temple festival.A A  a€?The certificate issued by the State Forest Department says she was 76 as on July 18, 2007. While Shanthini, Richard and Selvaraj died on the spot, Hana Christie and Petrisha sustained grievous injuries.

The plant is the only one, out of seven, solar thermal power plants located in south India. But on Sunday, Leila says, they are going to enjoy the run and will stay close to each other for much of the race.Luiks have won several national competitions and marathons at home since 2010 and have started to make a mark in the international competitions lately. We do not know the exact age in which she was gifted by the royals,a€? says Subramanian Namboodiri, TDBa€™s Chenkalloor sub-group officer.Dakshayania€™s keepers say she is a gentle and lovable beast that always keeps her cool. But, to achieve their ultimate dream of representing Estonia in the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, they know they still have a lot of miles to cover.Edgar de Veer, the race director, joked that chest numbers for the two will come in handy to avoid confusion during the run.
The bodies were retrieved and sent to the Krishnagiri GH for post-mortem, while the injured were rushed to a private hospital in Bengaluru for treatment. How does it work?The plant uses a technology which is still in its nascent stages in India. Perhaps, that will indeed be the case for the onlookers when the sisters take to the tracks for the half marathon. Around the same time, another car coming from Hosur rammed into the rear portion of the same lorry. That is Parabolic Trough Technology, wherein a series of reflective mirrors are designed in the form of parabolic troughs and a thin pipe runs along focal point. Sun energy from the mirror surfacesa€™ is directed to the thin pipes.A Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) runs through the pipe which absorbs the heat energy directed to the pipes and it gets heated up to a temperature of 400 degree Celsius. Upon pumping, the HTF reaches heat exchanger, where the accumulated heat is transferred to water running around the pipes. Dr T Rajeev, veterinarian looking after Dakshayani for the past six years, said her health was pretty good.
At the high heat conditions, water is converted to vapour form which rotates the turbines and thus electricity is produced. For maximum utilisation of suna€™s heat, a devise, Inclinometer, is used to track position of sun.

No special diet is given except for the annual ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy,a€? he said.According to Rajeev, Dakshayani has a strong dislike for needles. The troughs change their position and face sun accordingly, alikeA  a sun flower.50 MW Power and Two StatesThe 50 MW power generated from the power plant will be finally sent to the National Thermal Power Corporation limited (NTPC) grid.
If a syringe or needle is spotted she would get agitated,a€? he says.a€?Till 2014, she was sent for various festivals in the capital.
And by the end of this month, the plant will produce 50 MW,a€? said B Uma Maheshwar Reddy, associate vice president (AVP), MEIL.
Now, we have restricted it to the annual festivals at the Chenkalloor temple and nearby Thrivikramangalam Vamanamoorthy temple,a€? he said.
Elephant expert and assistant professor at the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Dr Arun Zachariah opined that captive elephants live longer than wild pachyderms. About future plans of the company, Uma Maheshwar said that they are aiming to increase the production to 550 million and would choose Anantapur for the power generation. Usually, Photo Voltaic (PV) technology is used for utilizing solar energy in production of electricity.
However, MEIL choose to go for Parabolic Trough Technology as it was costing less compared to the PV technology in 2010. Over the years, as PV technology matured, cost of the technology came down drastically.a€?However, in the future cost of this CSP will also come down,a€? Uma Maheshwar said.

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