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Its mid-60s asking price makes it something of a performance bargain in the Volkswagen range. Pics sourced from Volkswagen UK Press Office, some details may differ from Australian delivered cars. Germany's Manager Magasin says Volkswagen believes the diesel scandal will cost it more than 30 billion euros, leading to managerial promotions being frozen for 2016. The Volkswagen Golf by itself has accounted for almost 19 percent of VW's US sales this year.
Volkswagen highlights its new Golf R in a humorous pair of videos featuring racing driver Tanner Foust and sound-effects master Michael Winslow.
Volkswagen's pre-order program for the first 500 units of the 2015 Golf R to enter the US was a smashing success.
If you want to be the first person on your block with Volkswagen's latest Golf R parked in your garage, you need to clear some time from your schedule on January 8. Volkswagen hired a photographer to come shoot the handful of journalists that it brought to drive the 2015 Golf R at Buttonwillow Raceway north of Los Angeles.
Joining the ever-burgeoning ranks of mid-sized SUVs is the Seat Ateca, the Spanish brand’s first foray into the crossover arena.
That latter derivative underpins the second-generation VW Tiguan and the production version of the Skoda Vision S concept revealed at the Geneva motor show. Consequently, the Seat will only be a five-seater, albeit one with a generous 510-litre boot in front-wheel drive form. While two-wheel drive Atecas employ a simpler torsion beam set-up at the back, all-wheel drive versions – expected to make up around 15% of Seat’s UK allocation – feature a more complex multi-link arrangement.
Adults will generally find the Ateca comfortable, although the fifth occupant in the central rear seat will feel cramped, rather than cosy. Sensibly, for a car designed to accommodate the requirements of kids and their associated clutter, there’s a wealth of storage cubbies, cup holders and compartments in all four doors.
You’ll have already spotted that the dashboard’s effectively been lifted from the Leon, save for a few brown-hued details and appliques on high-end models.
The Ateca rides more firmly than rivals but not to the point of it being irritatingly fidgety, even on the optional 19-in rims available fitted to the flagship versions.
Despite sitting 13cm higher than you would in a Leon, there’s little drama or amplified body roll as you hustle the Ateca through bends – in fact, you’re only really aware of your commanding vista when in close proximity to more conventional cars, with your eye line elevated to their roof height. While the Ateca stays true to your intended line through corners, there’s a tad less communication about what the front wheels are up to than we’ve become accustomed to from Seats of late – perhaps as a result of the need to make it reasonably adept off-road. Clearly it’s not a go-anywhere, all-terrain vehicle but it’s pleasingly competent off-road, easily dealing with rugged landscapes, and it has a useful ground clearance of 187mm.
Not every hatchback buyer migrating to a crossover wants to lose the inherent sportier dynamics of the car they’re leaving behind and it’s this in particular that Seat’s honed in on, with an SUV that remains enjoyable to drive.
Three diesels and a pair of petrols will be offered in the Seat Ateca from launch, all featuring turbocharging for both performance and economy purposes. All the engines are familiar from other members of the VW Group stable, although you won’t find the 1.0-litre triple in the forthcoming Tiguan. Seat’s 148bhp 2.0 TDI, when coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox, proved to strike a sensible balance between real-world performance, reasonable economy – the trip computer suggested a decent 49mpg – and refinement. Unless you’re in an immediate need to chop in your current car, the Seat Ateca’s worth waiting for. Seat may have arrived later than ideal at the SUV party but the Ateca’s more memorable – and more fun – than most in this segment.
Compare your contenders side by side and review the details of each new car you've filtered down to.
To save money on your next car purchase, please follow the instructions below to turn JavaScript on. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta417 Magazine’s Office Manager Carley Inskeep trekked across the country to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to see the sky fill with hot air balloons at the annual Balloon Fiesta. DISCLAIMER: The information in this article was fact checked and accurate at press time, but 417 Magazine cannot guarantee its accuracy indefinitely. Local photographer Jennifer Linders-Glover captured this photo during Mass Ascension at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After spending the first day of our trip on the road and then spending the night in Amarillo, we hit the road again. We visited Santa Fe’s Old Town Square, which is filled to the brim with street merchants and shops along the way. We decided to drop by the Balloon Fiesta on the way back to the hotel to get a grip on the layout for the morning.

After the glow, some balloons participated in the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Launch. The balloons took off as the sun came up, and we learned about the Albuquerque Box Effect that morning. After a very rewarding weekend and a good night’s rest, we took the almost 12-hour drive back straight through on Monday. Remember your layers, book your hotel in advance, and give yourself time along the road to see the sights.
Digital Director Dayle Duggins gets her glow on for a Friday night fusion of yoga, dance and positive energy. With it's modern, sporty styling, the Astravan makes a positive statement about your business. Images and colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment. After a recent drive, though, I learned the R36 still remains a worthwhile option for those who crave performance from their family car. It’s smaller and lighter Golf GTI sibling feels more lively, sure, but for a family car based on modest roots the Passat R36 is very capable indeed. As an option to safely and ably carry one’s family around this car is well worth considering. VW is opening the pre-order books for the first 500 Stateside examples, complete with some nifty accessories. This fact, though unremarkable in and of itself, was something I hadn't noticed until I was well into my track time – probably ten laps deep on a day that would see me run twice that number. SEAT’s done its corporate homework and launched a car that’s going to immediately trouble the Kia Sportage, Nissan Qashqai and Renault Kadjar for class honours. Atecas with the 4Drive all-wheel-drive system lose 25 litres of capacity thanks to the driven rear axle and different suspension arrangement.
Headroom in the back is impressive, though; six-footers won’t have to crick their necks negotiating a coupe-like roofline.
The Ateca is the first Seat to be available with the eight-inch infotainment touchscreen upgrade already seen elsewhere within the VW empire, however.
Disappointingly, there’s no sign of adaptive dampers finding their way onto the Ateca any time soon, which may have provided a wider breadth of talent. Six driving modes are selectable from a dial set behind the gear lever; on front-wheel-drive Atecas there are four programs to choose from. It bodes well for the more powerful FR versions which have engineers hinted will be made available later. Then again, it’s heftier than the lightest Ateca, which reputedly tips the scales at 1280kg. Prices for the three-tier line-up will be confirmed in May, but Seat’s confirmed they’ll start at ?17,990. Last October my friend Jennifer Linders-Glover wrangled me into a trip to see something that I could never have imagined being so much fun and so incredibly interesting: a hot air balloon festival. We stopped at the famous Cadillac Ranch and spray painted a few cars with our names and the names of the ones we love. Artists and vendors fill every crevice of the courtyards off the square and lay out their wares on blankets. The 78-acre launch field became a canvas for hundreds of colorful hot air balloons and the people so anxious to see them rise into the sky.
This event starts right before dark and the balloons literally light up the sky like a bunch of jack o’ lanterns without ever leaving the ground.
The reason the balloonists have chosen this particular area to launch such festivals is all based on the winds.
Heading in on Friday really helped us get a feel for what we were walking into, layout wise.
Foundation horsemanship program is designed not only to help local kids earn their spurs, but also to improve their well-being. There's a choice of powerful Euro 5 compliant 1.7CDTi 16v diesel engines including a CO2 efficient ecoFLEX unit.
Yet with it's dynamic chassis and supreme interior comfort, you might forget you're driving a van at all. And when you don’t, you can easily take control by using the steering wheel mounted paddles.
If you are looking for a car than can do that, as well as provide back road thrills, then make sure the R36 is on your shortlist.

The only option for prospective customers now is to get on a waiting list or wait for the hot hatch's wider release. A variable-height boot floor will also be available, bolstering the Ateca’s practicality further.
Even if you order one then you’ll be waiting until September – at least – before you can take delivery. This information is supplied for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever without the express written consent of Chrome Data.
As a photographer, Jennifer had her reasons for wanting to experience all the colors and patterns against the Albuquerque sky. Because of the Balloon Fiesta, you really need to book your hotel months in advance to get one close to the park.
We made some friends out of a couple of pilots from Colorado who were there purely for recreation.
You could stay all day at the park watching the other activities (like the chainsaw carving competition) or participating in the other goings-on. These balloons use fuel to stay in the air for longer periods of time than hot air balloons. And the R36 represents the last chance you have to enjoy its delights before Euro V emissions consign it to the history books. Once in manual mode, the R36 is possibly the best exponent of Volkswagen’s double-clutch gearbox technology. Chrome Data makes no guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the data presented here. Our jeans, hoodies and tennis shoes were not enough to block out the freezing morning temperatures.
They informed us that some of the other balloons were there as promotional tools for companies or to compete in a flying event. The predictable wind patterns create a map the balloons can navigate from the festival and back again.
Balloons were as close as 12 feet from each other, all bouncing around while filling up with hot air. There were balloons that were special shapes like Snow White, lady bugs, a Wells Fargo Wagon, a milk cow, Spider Pig and much more! At well over 1700kg this is no mean feat, but possible thanks to a 4motion all-wheel drive system and a sublime six-speed DSG transmission, which is mated to one of the most charming engines on the market. It is able to hold gears near redline better than the DSG-equipped Golfs driven by AUSmotive. There is ample leg room in the back and the enormous cargo space, in both sedan and wagon form, ensures the R36 really is an accomplished family tourer. Once inside, you can grab some breakfast and look around the booths until the event starts.
The rest of the balloons that were there filled up right next to each other, and you, on the field. The shapes were all very interesting, but my absolute favorites were all the balloons with beautiful colors.
You get to really experience the routine, from rolling the balloons out on the ground to filling them up and attaching the baskets. This creates a box that will take the balloons away from the park, and then they lower themselves and head right back! Easy-folding front seats allow access to the rear row, for a total of four seating positions.
They stay up in the air until the sun is bright enough for their chase crews to hunt them down. The trunk provides 12 cubic feet of space, while a one-piece fold-flat rear seat back allows for a total cargo volume of 27 cubic feet. Side blinkers integrated into the mirrors help make lane changes safer, and daytime running lights enhance your visibility to other drivers – especially useful when traveling down two-lane highways with no barriers between oncoming traffic.
The New Beetle coupe, with four airbags and door anti-intrusion beams, manages Four-Star ratings in three of four NHTSA impact tests, and a Three-Star rating on the passenger side-impact test.

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