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Once you root your device you can get access to the deeper settings of the Android OS system, we have already posted guides on rooting other Galaxy S6 variant including Galaxy S6 Edge and now here in this article we will guide you completely through step by step process to root your Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G9250.
Rooting an android device let you give access to the deepest level of the System running Android OS. Remove Bloatware: You can remove pre-installed apps or bloatware by manufacturer and free up more storage and space from your device. Battery Life Enhancement: Rooting allows you to remove the constantly running unwanted back-end services, by removing such services you can achieve relatively better battery backup. Now lets start with the rooting process of Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G9250, follow the below steps carefully. Disclaimer: The method which includes rooting, installing custom recoveries and ROMs using different tools and software. Turn off your Galaxy S6 Edge properly & Turn it on again by pressing and holding Home Button+Volume Down +Power Key simultaneously until a warning is seen then press Volume Up to continue.
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Definition: The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini and published in 1912. While the Gini coefficient is mostly used to measure income inequality, it can also be used to measure wealth inequality. Calculation: The Gini coefficient is calculated as a ratio of the areas on the Lorenz curve diagram. The Gini coefficient's main advantage is that it is a measure of inequality, not a measure of average income or some other variable which is unrepresentative of most of the population.
Gini coefficients can be used to compare income distributions across different population sectors as well as countries, for example the Gini coefficient for urban areas differs from that of rural areas in many countries. The Gini coefficient is sufficiently simple that it can be compared across countries and be easily interpreted.

The Gini coefficient can be used to indicate how the distribution of income has changed within a country over a period of time, thus it is possible to see if inequality is increasing or decreasing. The Gini coefficient satisfies four important principles; Anonymity, it doesn't matter who the high and low earners are.
There is an implication built into the Gini coefficient that a straight-line distribution is a desirable outcome, which in the newly evolving long tail economics (where rich people are very rich) may not be the case. Comparing income distributions among countries may be difficult because benefits systems may be different in different countries. The Lorenz curve may understate the actual amount of inequality if the situation is that richer households are able to use income more wisely than lower income households. As with all statistics, when collecting the income data initially, there will always be systematic and random errors. Economies with similar incomes and Gini coefficients can still have very different income distributions. It is claimed that the Gini coefficient is more sensitive to the income of the middle classes than to that of the extremes. Too often only the Gini coefficient is quoted without describing the proportions of the quantiles used for measurement. There are multiple benefits of having root access on your Android device, some of them are described below. Follow these instruction at your own risk because writer is not responsible for any damage occurs to your device while performing any of these operations so owner of the device will be held responsible for it.
You have successfully rooted your Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G9250, if you have any query feel free to contact us through below comment section and give us your feedback and stay tune for more tips and tricks.
It is usually used to measure income inequality, but can be used to measure any form of uneven distribution.
GDP statistics are often criticized as they do not represent changes for the whole population, the Gini coefficient demonstrates how income has changed for poor and rich.

Scale independence, the Gini coefficient does not consider the size of the economy, the way it is measured, or whether it is a rich or poor country on average. For example, some countries give benefits in the form of money, others use food stamps, which may or may not be counted as income in the Lorenz curve and therefore not taken into account in the Gini coefficient.
From another point of view, however, the measured inequality also may be the result of more or less wise use of household incomes. This is because the Lorenz curves can have different shapes and yet still yield the same Gini coefficient. As with other inequality coefficients, the Gini coefficient is influenced by the granularity of the measurements. The Gini coefficient is a number between 0 and 1, where 0 corresponds with perfect equality (where everyone has the same income) and 1 corresponds with perfect inequality (where one person has all the income, and everyone else has zero income). This ratio is expressed as a percentage or as the numerical equivalent of that percentage, which is always a number between 0 and 1. If the Gini coefficient is rising as well as GDP, poverty may not be improving for the vast majority of the population. Also, countries may measure the statistics differently, thus it is not always possible to compare statistics between countries. Example: Five 20% quantiles (low granularity) will yield a lower Gini coefficient than twenty 5% quantiles (high granularity). The Gini index is the Gini coefficient expressed in percentage form, and is equal to the Gini coefficient multiplied by 100. This states that if we transfer income from a rich person to a poor person, the resulting distribution is more equal.

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