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The catchy tune is off of the 22-year-old pop star’s new album Loud, in stores November 16th. I think you’ve filled your quota and Rihanna will be sending you your paycheck for this month.
Actually I would like this song if Pink were singing it, with Rihanna her songs are starting to sound all the same, that same beat is in most of her new songs (that techno thing I can’t put my finger on).
Nice tune but google Rihanna Jay Z and Freemasons to see the rather un-believable devilish truth behind it all . Rihanna's video for S and M, her third release from Loud, bypasses what could have been a risque and provocative look at the underworld scene of S and M by approaching the subject matter in a playful, light-hearted and toothless manner.

The video does manage to include some imagery that is synonymous with the S and M scene- such as whips, bondage and PVC- but they are rendered ineffectual when contrasted with the "suggestive" way Rihanna "eats" a selection of fruit towards the end of the video. Unfortunately the treatment of the video, and the sets it was filmed on, let the whole production down and give the video for S and M a cheap, low-budget feel that is at odds and unfitting of Rihanna's superstar status.
Overall the video fits in nicely with the bubblegum, sugary, 90's visuals that the Loud era has brought and is as such nothing special. Perhaps Mariah Carey started a new trend for; the low budget look with her Auld langs syne video from last year! That ain't your problem, I know, but it is nice to know my time and effort is worth something to someone.

She does songs like these like fun catchy then she does other types too like sad complex ones then she does rocky ones, reggae ones .
Some may call that censorship, but I've held out on doing it previously, hoping people would moderate their own behavior, and it's only become worse. This blog isn't about spreading more negativity on the net, it's about discussing Divas- a topic that isn't serious enough for people to go in on each other.

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