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Windows 7 has been launched for a few months; many people have upgraded their Windows from earlier version or installed Windows 7 operating system. If you are using Windows 7, sometimes you may find that the system partition become low disk space or the free space is insufficient.
Many people might prefer to resize Windows 7 partition by using the Win7 built-in-Disk Management.
Partition Assistant is a comprehensive disk partition manager software, which is being widely used in various field for IT administrators and personal users.
You can learn more detailed knowledge from the article "How to use the Partition Assistant to resize a partition?". As the amount of users installing Windows 8 keeps increasing, how to resize a partition in Windows is mostly cared about by users.
The above picture is the main interface of Windows 8 built-in disk management tool, from which we can see that we can not extend partition if the unallocated space is in front of the partition that will be extended but behind it. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a powerful partition manager that can not only help users resize partition, but also create partition, merge partitions, delete partition, format partition, copy partition, wipe partition, change cluster size and so on in Windows 8. We can see from the main interface that the selected partition has been extended and there is a pending operation appearing in "Operations Pending" area. The above are operations about resizing a partition in Windows 8 with MiniTool Partition Wizard. What would you do if the Server system C drive running out of space, what would you do if you want to resize server partition on Windows Server 2003 to maximize the performance of your computer? The Server computers are more and more frequently used in company because they are most important for the security and secrecy. When a boot partition C: drive is out of space, the Server computer will be fighting for the precious space and will run slowly. The security and stability are undoubtedly the most significant aspects for Server computers since a Server computer usually stores the most important classified and daily-used files. Step 1, Launch Partition Magic Server, you'll see all disks and partitions that connected to your Server and free space, used space and other properties of each partition. For enterprise users, Unlimited Edition allows unlimited installation within your company to save time and money. Two Solutions to Extend System Partition in Windows 7 to Unallocated SpaceShare this:No more worries about extending system partition in Windows 7 now! The simple set of options and features make windows 7 partition magic extremely easy to use even for beginners.
Windows 7 has been released about 3 years, and it is already been hailed as one of Microsoft's best releases. As we know Microsoft has added so many inserting ideas in Windows 7, therefore, to carry these smart functions, more disk space for system partition is need able. To solve this problem, we need partition magic for windows 7-Partition Assistant Processional Edition to resize partition in Windows 7 step by step. Free Partition Magic to Extend and Shrink partition in Windows XPShare this:The operating system Microsoft Windows XP was released in 2001. Of course, new Windows 7 is wonderful that there are new features and more advantages compared to old Windows, however, there is still a typical problem that botherd Windows 7 users. A basic installation requirement of the disk space is 16GB at least in Windows 7 and you may also install many other applications to lead the result of the disk space lower.
In some occasions, Windows 7 cannot allow you to extend or resize partition because the menu "Extend Volume" option is grayed out unavailable.
Its shining point is that it not only can create, delete and format partition quickly, but also resize, extend and shrink partition with all data protected in cases.

Some users may consider resizing a partition in Windows 8 easy because there is a built-in disk management tool in Windows 8. In this situation, a professional partition manager is essential if users want to extend partition in Windows 8. This kind of description may not be able to make users get familiar with MiniTool Partition Wizard, so we'll demonstrate it through resizing partition in Windows 8 with this partition manager. While any workstation computer is capable of acting as a Server, a Server computer usually has special features intended to make it more suitable. That's why the software installed on Server computers are strictly chosen by administrator, especially the computer utilities, which are able to maximize the performance of the Servers, like server partition management software. However, even a slight error on server computer might directly leads to exposure of the whole network to the outside. With the absolutely user-friendly interface, the functions of Partition Magic Server Server are easy to get access to, no matter whether you've got experience in using Partition Magic or not. So if you are not sure about your operation, just close this partition software and nothing will be changed.
When trying to get more disk space while running out of space, you don't have to delete the unwanted files.
I wonder how to enlarge Windows 8 system (C) partition without reinstalling operating system? It allows you to copy the disk or partition to a different location as backup in order to eliminate any sort of mishaps. According to the report from Microsoft shows that the user of Windows 7 is exceed than Windows XP. However most of us used to set a small size for our system partition because we used Windows XP in past, and specify a plenty of free space on other data partitions. Over the decade, Windows XP has finished a success close to perfect service work for its world wide users. Therefore, third-party partition manager software is necessary choice to resize Windows 7 partition at this moment.
That is to say resize Windows 7 partition is only one of the most advanced features, more features you can refer to the Partition Assistant Features page. But the fact is not so simple since Windows 8 built-in disk management tool has function defects and can not help users extend partition perfectly.
As to choosing Windows 8 partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard, released by the renowned software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended, with which users are able resize a partition in Windows 8 easily and flexibly. After the software stops operating, resizing partition in Windows 8 with MiniTool Partition Wizard is finished successfully.
These features can include a faster CPU, faster and more plentiful RAM, and larger hard drives.
My D drive has more than 50GB free space, so I decide to allocate some space to system drive from drive D. Although upgrade version Windows system with powerful function and fast running run out, most people still keep using Windows XP as their dependent assistant for its available working.As Windows XP user, you may know some features how to create, delete and format partition. You may bethink of backup important files, deleting all partition, recreate a bigger partition and restore previous backed up data. Therefore, a freeware which can do the management such as resizing partition in Windows Server operating systems is needed by users.Does this kind of freeware exist? It provides you professional and convenient features - shrinking and moving large partitions to enlarge your low disk space partition. I have tried to solve this problem with Partition Magic, but unfortunately, it can not work in Windows 8.Why Partition Magic can not resize Windows 8 partitionPartition Magic is the product of Symantec, and it was initially made by PowerGuest.

Even so, troubles are often encountered during the process of resizing Windows XP partition.
However, it does have some limitations, such as, it just work in Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP. For example, you can see on a fairly regular basis as your hard drive fills up is the low disk space warning.
As a result of fact, it is best practice to directly resize Windows 7 partition through third-party partition software like Partition Assistant to solve the problem faultlessly.
A window pops up and drag right handle leftwards to shrink the partition to create some unallocated space. Windows XP has basic function snap-in but limits in extending partition or shrinking partition.Facing that, you can now and then ignore the Windows XP low disk space warning.
This is totally free partition software that aims at helping manage partitions FREE for private and commercial use.About AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite EditionAOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition is partition manager software developed by AOMEI Technology.
It has the functions of shrinking and extending volume, meanwhile, it still has many limitations. Want to release more partition space, adjust partition size, delete unnecessary partition, format hard drive and other technical operations for your server hard disk? AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite offers you those basic partition management functions, what’s better, it supports converting disk between GPT and MBR style without deleting existing partitions. Then, you can consider removing programs that you abandon and moving large videos, music and graphics of media files to other partition. Besides, it sustains many kinds of server platforms, including Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011. So it must take much time.Advanced solution - free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard EditionAs Partition Magic alternative, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is the latest and completely free hard disk partition manager software. Disk Management can not support move partition to make the unallocated space behind system partition. The built-in "Resize Partition" feature lets you shrink and extend partition in Windows XP without data loss. If there is no unallocated space on the drive, you should shrink other partitions to get some unallocated apace.
What's worse, you have to backup data and delete partition, which are time-consuming and risky.To not delete partition or encounter "Extend Volume grayed out" problem, Solution 1 is your best choice to extend system partition in Windows 7. Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional (PA Pro) also provides some other features, such as merge partitions, allocate free space, clone disk, copy partition, dynamic disk management, etc.
Then, select C drive and drag the right handle rightwards to extend Windows XP partition as shown below:You can preview the extended partition (here’s C) and shrunk partition (here’s D).
We can see that AOMEI Partition Assistant has a considerable concise interface, with main functions on the left, and menu items on the top. If you upgrade your Windows 8 to Windows 10, AOMEI Partition Assistant still supports you expand primary partition in Windows 10. Apart from resize partition, AOMEI Partition Assistant also provides a fistful of other features, such as wipe partition, check partition, convert data disk between MBR and GPT styles, convert partition between primary and logical, etc.

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