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If you work with PDF files, you know how they can become very large very quickly if they contain graphics and images. What’s nice is that you can use it anywhere or any operating system and it even supports the new drag and drop feature of HTML 5, which is a nice convenience. In addition, you can remove bookmarks, remove PDF layers, remove annotations, remove page labels and manually adjust the quality for color and monochrome image compression. It supports lossless compression, so you should not see any reduction in the quality of the PDF. If you have a Mac, there is a great and easy way to significantly reduce the size of a PDF file using the built in Preview app. The easiest way to try and shrink a PDF file is to perform a little trick, which basically is printing the PDF document to a PDF file. A lot of time this works really well and will significantly reduce the size of your PDF file.
Amazingly enough, I’ve been able to shrink a 20 MB PDF file down to 3 MB just by using this method. Since version 7 of of Adobe Acrobat, there is a new option in the Advanced menu called PDF Optimizer.
As you can see, there are six different things you can do to make a PDF file smaller including optimizing or down-scaling images, reconfiguring scanned pages, adjusting fonts, adjusting transparency, discarding objects, and cleaning up the PDF file. If you scanned a bunch of pages into your PDF, then click on the Scanned Pages option and mess around with the sliding bar, which goes from Small Size to High Quality.
The Discard Objects and Discard User Data are two really useful cleanup options for PDF files. For Discard User Data, you can get rid of comments, document information, metadata, object data, file attachments, data from other applications, and more. Finally, the Clean Up tab does a few more housekeeping tasks like compressing the entire file and optimizing the PDF for fast web view. The best thing to do is to play around with all the settings to see what works best for your particular PDF file.
I have got Adobe version 8 but it has no advanced menu nor PDF Optimizer available and no adobe pdf printer option then what should I use to compress the PDF files? I have Adobe Acrobat 6.0, open a PDF file and try to print, but the list of printers does not appear for the pdf!
I tried the steps you have mentioned and my PDF file size increased from 2MB to 3.7MB, interesting huh!!
I printed my document to Adobe PDF and saved it as you suggested and my file is now a third of the size, and the quality is just as good.
The size of my file increased as well… Does anyone have any other tips for reducing file size? After struggling with plotting an image in AutoCAD for hours, this was what finally worked! Whoever you are random computer guy, the world is a better place because of your existence – thanks for helping me optimize my human capital! I can realy recommende this excellent tips how to shrink the PDF-file inside Acrobat software itself!
Same here, method 3 is actually growing the file by 10% and I can’t see where to print to PDF.
Before we start listing out the ways to make a PDF smaller, we would like to address one of the larger concerns here.
This is one of the oldest PDF tools we have been using and it sure performs at par with the claims. The rate of compression can be decided by selecting the Screen Quality options, in case you select higher quality option than the chances are that the converted PDF file will be larger, Select the Print option and this step will prompt you with a “Save as”option along with option to save your work in the desired location.
Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processors that can also compress a PDF file with a little trick. Select the PDF file to be optimized and open it with Microsoft Word by using the “Open with” program feature.
All you need to do now is go to “Save As” option from the File menu and select the format as PDF. Minimum size is best suited for text only PDF files and a scenario wherein we are not bothered about the quality of the images and tables in the file.

We agree that this is a rather crude way of reducing the PDF size but at the same time it is one of the easiest methods to get around the optimization process.
WinRar is more of a safe archiver tool and in spite of toggling the compression settings to max we couldn’t reduce the size to a greater extent. Online PDF compressors are not only easy to use but they are also less resource hogging then the offline ones.
The downside of SmallPDF is that it will not be able to downsize pre-optimized PDF files and this will result in excluding some files from the compression process. Another online tool that promises to automatically optimize the PDF files online and at the same instance maintain the product quality, is the PDF Compress. This method is not entirely online but since it is usually used to shrink the bulged PDF received from the email we put it here. As you might have already witnessed, PDF converters are in plenty and we have handpicked only a few of them which have worked out for us.
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Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Well, the size of the PDF file increases and causes problem while sending as an attachment mostly due to embedded images in the PDF file. Select the PDF compression modes to choose the PDF compressibility that matches your requirements. Tips: If your PDF file is an encrypted PDF file, you need to enter the PDF password before you can compress it. As the Mac built-in app, Preview makes it easier to reduce PDF file size with the “Save As” function. Luckily, you can compress PDF files like you can compress any other type of file, which can mean big savings in the size of your PDF file.
If you have Adobe Acrobat (which is not free), you can try out methods 4 and 5, which work really well. The site is super clean (not filled with spammy ads, etc) and it does a pretty good job of reducing the size of large PDF files. It has a bunch of options and some presets like high compression, low image quality or low compression, high image quality, etc.
It also supports encrypted PDF documents and can work on a batch of hundreds or even thousands of PDF files at once. Not really sure what it does to shrink it, but it works, especially if you have a good number of images that are eating up a lot of space. Hopefully, one of the five methods above will get your PDF file to a reduced size that you can attach to an email or post to a website.
I actually found another website that is really helpful in compressing pdf files and you might want to add to your list.
Reduced my 40mb PDF to 3.5mb – not much quality loss considering the dramatic reduction! Just about the BEST way to shrink a very large pdf file, trust me, i’ve tried EVERYTHING, finally last night after almost giving up I searched one more time and your post showed up! Many academicians and researchers are shying away from online PDF tools wary of the chances that the files might be stored in the server while being converted. Nitro PDF is mainly advertised as a PDF creator tool but at the same time it can also be used to compress the PDF files. All you need to do is open up PDF in any reader and select “Print” option from the “File” menu, instead of selecting a normal printer you need to select Nitro PDF as your printing device from the drop down. This method to optimize PDF is convenient, simple and hassle free without any need to install third party software. That being said this method of optimizing PDF files by using Microsoft Word takes time and it also sometimes meddles with the formatting of the original document.
WinRar and WinZip are two popular programs that will help you compress multiple PDF files in a single go.
If you are interested in reducing the PDF size other file compression tools like 7-Zip and KGB archiver. Unlike other online tools which put a limit over the size of file and the frequency of usage, SmallPDF is free to use any number of times.

Just like in Small PDF you can drag and drop a file but PDF Compress also boasts of integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. Their is no cap on the number of times PDF compressor can be used however the maximum file size is restricted to 200MB. If you have set “Always open with Preview” then the PDF will automatically open in a preview mode, if not then you need to drag and drop the file onto the preview icon situated in the dock. After reducing the file size select the location where you want to save the file and there you go! The fact that any sort of compression is going to impact on the quality or the formatting of the files is something we should keep in mind. So before sending such type of PDF files as an email attachment you need to shrink or compress the PDF file. If you have only a few PDF files to be compressed and didn’t care much about the PDF compression quality, Preview maybe the best choice for you. It is a cylinder deactivation feature that darkens two holes to reduce fuel consumption and both of these functions and this 1.4 soundtrack overall is very wise. Not too bad, however, on the Mac (Method 2), I was able to get that same PDF down to only 82 KB. By default, PDF files will open in Preview unless you installed Adobe Reader or a third-party PDF viewer.
If the PDF file doesn’t need to be printed, you can reduce the quality and number of pixels per inch. If you use a different method not mentioned above for shrinking your PDF files, let us know in the comments. However, the issue here is the fact that Kindle comes with a rather limited memory and this bottleneck will come in your way if you try to squeeze in many files.
Nitro PDF is available for free trial and can be downloaded here, and once downloaded you will have to install it just like any traditional program files. Microsoft Word 2010 natively supports PDF files and in Microsoft Word 2007 an extra plugin is required.
Here in this article, I’ll introduce you two methods to shrink the size of pictures in PDF files so as to avoid exceeding the maximum message size limits associated with most e-mail accounts. But if you have a bunch of PDF file to be compressed and the compression quality is very important for you, the PDF Compressor for Mac maybe better than Preview. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It is clear This provides enough grunt that was not enough to lose any steam until far above 90 mph on the way to a top speed of 137 mph so so.
Thankfully PDF can be optimized and compressed so that it wont leech on our precious memory space. If your PDF file contains precious information, we would suggest you to go for an offline tool which would not require the users to upload the files on the servers. The optimizing option had two levels, Standard for well balanced optimization and minimal reduction on the quality front and Minimum size for a high rate of compression and heavy loss on the quality front. Zip might be the most easily available resource to compress PDF files but on the contrary the compression rate is not that great and we would on any day suggest you WinRar over Zip although the latter costs money after the 40-days free evaluation. You can click on “Download File Now” option to download the file to your system and also let the browser know where you want to save the optimized version.
We have curated the tools categorically under online and offline sections so that you can zero in on something that suits you the best. The Standard optimization should work out for most of the situation and the loss in image quality didn’t seem out of the phase.
Note that adjusting settings here is only useful if you have a lot of high resolution images in your PDF file.

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