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The Hogan stuff I can understand, because, well, their last name is "Hogan" (some things as a wrestling fan it's best not to criticize and just accept), but why this Aces & Eights stuff is still going on I don't know.
If we compare Aces & Eights to WWE's The Shield, the main difference is that The Shield doesn't have a old-ass Sgt.
Some say it feels like RVD and Jeff Hardy are TNA champions mainly because they move merchadise and are mega-names.
The ending to the Redskins-Ravens game had great drama, a fantasic conclusion, and a question mark regarding the health status of Redskins QB RGIII. ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Raw: HBK To Crossbow Lesnar On Sunday, WWE Asks Paul Bearer's Ashes To Sell Mania, Punk & Triple H's Post-Mania Plans, Cash Cow Cena = Bieber?
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Raw & TNA: Using The Recently-Dead For Storylines, Bully Ray King Of Da World, Swagger To Be Sold To N. This toy has Bully in a black t-shirt and black pants; it is also inexplicably slim for a 2010 Brother Ray toy, a sign of things to come for the current champ.
Gail's only toy to date was included in the ninth series of Deluxe Impact toys from Jakks last year.
On the rare occasion they do show up for sale, loose figures tend to sell for around $30 as a pair, while a packaged set will usually command at least $50. Collectors finally got their wish in 2010, when Jakks took over the TNA line and produced the companya€™s first Sting toy and his first since WCWa€™s dying days.

These toys are similar to the basic Ruthless Aggression WWE toys made by Jakks through 2009.
The only line of TNA Impact toys from Jakks came out in mid-2010 and was sold at Walgreens stores. Robert Roode, I can imagine many fans voting for this PPV to be included in the TNA PPVs that we don't see. Remember that whacky helmet with the ram horns that Jeff Hardy debuted at last yeara€™s Bound for Glory? In addition to the removable helmet and t-shirt, this figure features intricately detailed four-color face paint and a black outfit with colorful sleeves.
Jakks has yet to make an actual Bully Ray figure, but this Team 3D toy from 2010 is as close as youa€™ll get.
This figure is very tough to find, but still relatively affordable; two-packs usually sell anywhere from $30-50. Gail Kim debuted and won her first title in WWE in 2002, but it would be another decade before she got her first figure.
Most of the focus was on Stinga€™s Deluxe Impact Series 1 figure, but this under the radar toy has also caught collectorsa€™s interest. They are slightly smaller than the Deluxe Impact toys and dona€™t figure as many points of articulation, which sometimes cause wobbly legs and midsection on a figure.

Now you might as well have Devon and his crew dress up as Santa Claus and his reindeer, then sing Christmas Carols as they cripple Garrett Bischoff. At times during the PPV I felt like I was serving community service hours for my crimes as a wrestling fan, fine included.
The design has apparently been around for a while, because Ringside Collectibles offered up this exclusive figure months before that event. During those 10 years, Gail proved herself to be a very competent wrestler in WWE, then one of the absolute best in North America in her time with TNA. A Motor City Machine Guns two-pack was included in the second series of Cross the Line figures in 2010, but the only Jakks toys to date of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are very tough to come by. If it wasn't for the inclusion of the Styles-Daniels match, this PPV would resemble an Impact episode.

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