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Now one of the things that always blew my mind when reading the Torch was the first-hand accounts of Sabu doing moonsaults onto tables.
Sabu goes into detail throughout the shoot about working in Japan, specifically the Frontier Martial Arts (FMA) promotion.
There was a very funny story where Sabu admitted he was the reason for Louie Spiccoli losing his job in Japan thanks to a rib played during a bus trip. After talking about some INSANE fire matches in Japan along with putting over Mike Awesome, Sabu says he turned down a WWE contract in 1993 because he wanted to make a go of it with ECW.
On the subject of ECW guys, Sabu said that Paul Heyman was “cool” but you could tell they still have some issues to deal with. Sabu was originally pissed during the legendary ECW show The Night the Line was Crossed because after the epic three way one-hour match between himself, Shane Douglas and Terry Funk, the crowd was chanting, “Terry! Sabu talked about completely screwing himself over with FMW because he was always trying to play peacemaker between them and ECW. Sabu talked about the first time he brought a table into the ring and there was a great moment when he was told what match it was in by Doug Gentry. Sabu told a bunch of hilarious stories about the Sheik, including one in which the Sheik would get out of a cab and immediately throw a fireball. Sabu said he generally didn’t like being in tag teams because he didn’t want anyone to drag him down or to piggy back off his success. Sabu talked about the night he was fired, which was covered on the recent Rise and Fall of ECW DVD and says he did double book the date, but he tried to make it back in time for the ECW show. Kevin Sullivan approached Sabu about being on the first Nitro, but Sabu already had a commitment in Japan. When Sabu returned to ECW in 1995 he thought that Heyman had gone overboard with production values as he feels hardcore wrestling doesn’t need to look like a million bucks. Sabu said he read about the use of applying crazy glue on cuts or saw it on an episode of MacGyver. Sabu said that Too Cold Scorpio was not only the best guy he’s ever wrestled, but the best wrestler he has ever seen, period. Sabu was sick during his 30 minute draw against RVD at WrestlePalooza 98 and said before the match he drank some Mellow Yellow while smoking a joint. The XPW promotion was brought up and Sabu said he was brought in by the late Big Dick Dudley.
Sabu then gives his take on several independent promotions such as MECW, run by that goofball John Collins, and 3PW.
Sabu’s time in TNA was discussed and Sabu felt he was finally getting into his groove at the company when he got sick.
Sabu talked about a match against Low-Ki in Queens that was so bad that people thought it was done on purpose.
Sabu talked about why he felt business in Japan was going down and he believes the recent phenomenon of mixing worked matches with shoot matches is killing everyone. Sabu isn’t bitter about the business, even though I personally think he comes across that way several times on the DVD.
Sabu remains close with guys like Raven, Kid Kash, Terry Funk and Abdullah the Butcher along with the one new kid he helped train, TNA’s Monty Brown. Special thanks to the “King of Japanese wrestling” Keith Lipinski and New Torch SmackDown reviewer Mike Roe for helping with this review. At a recent event, former WWE champion Rey Mysterio apparently killed someone with his 619 move. The media is reporting that El Hijo del Perro Aguayo absorbed the 619 in his trachea and experienced whiplash.
It appears something may have gone wrong during the exchange between Mysterio and Aguayo that was setting up Rey’s signature 619. Looks like he was unconscious from the kick to the ropes (perhaps he hit the ropes wrong or something?) and then him and Manik are supposed to move (Manik does) and he then takes the 619 unprotected. Yes, Mysterio knew something was wrong and intentionally avoided El Hijo’s head when executing the 619.
I bet Vince McMahon and HHH are breathing a sigh of relief and thanking god Rey left otherwise this would be their headache to deal with. Former Ring of Honor star Moose made his TNA debut at the semi-live Impact Wrestling show on Tuesday night. This is an exclusive deal and TNA will book Moose for indie shows to fill out his contracted dates. According to the report, Moose’s TNA deal is in the financial ballpark of the deal that Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards signed earlier this year.
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CELEBTODAY – Not everyone who is on top of the fast-moving pop music scene has heard of Charlotte Aitchison, even by her stage name Charli XCX, but lots of people have heard her or her songs. It is hard to imagine now, because since then we have gone through the WWE Attitude era and Monday Night Wars, but in the early 90’s Sabu was doing things in the ring that NO ONE was doing. I think I remember seeing Sabu on a Nitro here or there, but nothing more memorable than, say, an Akio match on SmackDown. I honestly didn’t know much about the Sheik myself until I read Dave Meltzer’s write-up in Tributes II. He obviously takes his start in amateur wrestling seriously and feels a little pissed off that more people don’t realize he is more than just a spot machine.
This was a great story as Sabu gave his reaction to the gimmick, “WHAT?!”, and claims he had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Now, over the past year I have read a lot of stories about Memphis thanks to books by guys like Jimmy Hart and Jerry Jarrett, but Sabu talks about stuff those guys never brought up.
Apparently Louie was going to the bathroom every 15 minutes and was driving everyone insane.
Sabu said Tazz sucks (actually he said he’s a c—sucking mother f---er) and “he knows why.” OH!
Sabu said, “how did you know that?!” Doug said that at the time Paul Heyman was showing clips of Sabu in Japan to set up bringing him into ECW. Both guys felt disappointed with the match and Sabu feels at the time his body was run down because he was just coming off a tour of Japan. When confronted with the FMW deal, Sabu told the Sheik he was going to New Japan, which caused a little heat to develop between the two.
Sabu figured that because of the time change, he would still be able to get back to Philadelphia. Sabu brought up shows by Dennis Coraluzzo and Joel Goodhart that drew massive raves and looked like shit.
Sabu said in World War I they would use crazy glue on the field to stop the bleeding until they could get the solider to a hospital. Sabu brought up a story in which he and Scorpio had an amazing match in which they almost killed themselves thanks to the ropes breaking during the same night as the infamous O.J.
It occurred when Sabu went for a triple jump moonsault onto Sandman, but Rob Van Dam had put a table into the ring and one of the legs that was up caught Sabu in the face.
Eventually owner Rob Black wanted Sabu to drop his XPW title to Messiah, but an insane incident happened in which Messiah slept with Black’s wife (and noted porn star) Lizzie Borden leading to Blackallegedly sending two guys to Messiah’s apartment to cut his thumb off. Sabu said at the MECW show there were 15 people at the show and only “four paid.” There was a roster that included the likes of Mr. The shoot guys can’t correctly work a match and the guys who can work get killed in shoot matches.

When asked what he would like to tell his fans, Sabu didn’t know what to say without sounding corny and just told the viewers to buy a ticket to a show.
I was honestly shocked at how well spoken Sabu comes across as in this DVD as well as his insights into the business. The match was finished as El Hijo del Perro Aguayo was unconscious and slumped over on the ropes.
Yes the guy has died from injuries suffered in a match with Rey Mysterio but I don’t think you can say he or his move killed him. Moose signed the deal on Tuesday, and the deal calls for a minimum of 60 dates and maximum of 120 dates depending on whether TNA begins running live events again.
Reportedly a close friend of host Salman Khan, Mirza is all set to shake things up in the Bigg Boss house. I remember reading the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter back in the day and there would be all this talk about a wrestler named Sabu and I thought to myself, “no one can be that good.” I figured it was just normal wrestling hype. Even relatively simple things like being outside on the ring apron and doing a quick springboard move on an opponent lying near the ropes was unheard of. At the end of the first match I saw with Sabu, he brought out a table and laid his opponent on it.
Safe to say, the Sheik is the equivalent of Johnny Unitas to football or Stan Musial to baseball, just a huge name who got an unreal amount of heat from the crowd. In the pro-wrestling world, Sabu said he trained for the first two years without using any ropes. Sabu said Memphis only had a set number of spots and if a new guy came in, someone had to go. He also debunks an apparently popular rumor that his uncle scarred him up before going to Japan.
Sabu said that Tazz always acted like an asshole to everyone because he felt they owed him something but eased up over time.
At the time though, Sabu was so focused in Japan he never really noticed that ECW was blowing up. Sabu said he tried bringing Al Snow into ECW but Heyman thought Snow was “too plain.” Sabu was asked about a match he had in Minnesota against Sean Waltman, which got both men a lot of press at the time.
For those who have never seen a fireball in wrestling, or only saw Hulk Hogan screw it up in WCW, it is a wrestler lighting a piece of flash paper and throwing it at another wrestler. Sabu talked about an infamous match with Foley in which he whacked Mick in the head with a bottle, putting “a dent in his f----ing head.” Sabu did this because he didn’t want to use bottles at all and thought after getting hit Mick would agree. Sabu said that New Japan was first class all the way whereas FMW was more of a place to pay your dues. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a flight back but wasn’t that concerned because the payoff for an ECW show was only $1,000 compared to the $6,000 he was getting in Japan. Like the Sabu-Waltman match earlier, I remember reading about a Goodhart TWA show in Philly that had Cactus Jack versus Eddie Gilbert in three matches throughout a night, all with a different stipulation.
Another match that was “the shits” was the main event of the November to Remember in which Sabu teamed with RVD and Tazz to take on the Triple Threat of Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigalow.
Sabu really puts over Raven hard and says if he ran a wrestling company Raven would be one of the guys he put in creative. Sabu gave his thoughts on the WWE trend to hire writers who know very little about wrestling and you can imagine how fond he is of that. Sabu feels that a company like FMW could make a comeback one day if they took their hardcore matches seriously and by this Sabu means stuff like no weapons like lightbulbs.
He hasn’t seen the ECW DVD and is a little upset that Vince McMahon is making money off Sabu’s name but Sabu himself isn’t. I also thought it was a really good idea to have both Doug Gentry and Rob Feinstein ask questions as it gives a new dynamic to the shoot.
I do agree on they should have stopped the match and I agree on the events of Owen Hart except on the blaming someone for an equipment malfunction. I remember watching him in CMLL (Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre) wrestling either Mistico (the original Sin Cara) or Negro Casas.
Sabu then went for a moonsault on the table, but the opponent had moved which caused Sabu to smash into the table with his own body. The guy had a very innovative move-set (very similar to Rob Van Dam in terms of a “wow” factor, except much more dangerous) and absolutely lived his gimmick as a psychopath. Sabu said that his uncle didn’t smarten him up to the business at all as a kid and was in character 24 hours a day. Sabu said it was cut throat at the time because if the promotion found a guy willing to work for less money than you, you were done. He had two matches with Owen Hart and after the second match he said Vince McMahon offered him a spot in the WWE.
You know this tape is marketed towards the hardcore crowd when they already assume you know Sabu’s real name is Terry. If done right it looks like a fireball straight out of something Sauroman would do in Lord of the Rings.
Apparently Sabu was one of the very few guys who worked for almost all the bigger Japanese promotions, but he feels in the long run this hurt his career and he would have been better off just staying in one company. Sabu was livid at the time when Paul Heyman got the fans to turn on him, but over time he became a little flattered because it showed how passionate about ECW they were.
WCW also assumed Sabu wanted $500 for every match and that’s what they paid him for his following match and Pay Per View appearance as well. The discussion turned towards the first ECW Pay Per View, Barely Legal and Sabu said that Heyman didn’t put any pressure on him and Tazz to have a great match despite the nearly 18 incredible month build to their feud. Sabu also didn’t mind teaming with RVD and briefly discussed two shoot moments they had with the Eliminators, one with John Kronus and one with Perry Saturn.
The highlight of Sabu’s career in ECW was his match against Terry Funk at Born to be Wired because it was less of a match he was told to do for an angle and more of something he wanted to do.
Okay, I can see Bret Hart exercising creative control about not wanting to job to Shawn Michaels when talking to Vince McMahon, but Sabu doing the same thing concerning ANYONE to Rob Black is just hilarious.
That would be a really good idea as long as Raven wasn’t allowed to put his favorite person, himself, over. Sabu doesn’t like the fact that the business is pretty much open thanks to the hard work of guys like Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller, but accepts that the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in.
Sabu said that McMahon wanted to totally change Sabu’s look and style way back when Sabu was offered a contract because “they have talent, they don’t develop it.” Yes people, Vince McMahon is insane.
I think in time this will be a very good feature if RFVideo decides to use it because I think in many shoot interviews (whether by RFVideo or elsewhere) the interviewer is less reacting to what is said and more concentrating on what is going to be asked next. I believe the first show I ever saw Sabu in had him brought down to the ring like Hannibal Lechter, strapped to a gurney, and I was blown away.
If this is true, I can only imagine how mentally imbalanced the Sheik must have been because can you imagine Keifer Sutherland going home and pretending to be an agent for a Counter Terrorist agency? I remember reading a while back that one of the things older wrestlers pride themselves on is how little they need to use the ropes during a match.
This reminded me of that great story of Steve Austin being given a list of names by the WWE creative team, such as “Chilly McFreeze” before settling on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Sabu said all the top guys like Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler didn’t want to put new guys over for fear of losing their spot.
Sabu then gave his thoughts on several Japanese wrestlers such as Pogo and Hayabusa while later talking about other stars such as Kawada, Misawa and the late Gary Albright. Sabu added that Vince was in complete shock when Sabu spurned the offer for ECW because McMahon felt the company wasn’t even a blip on the wrestling radar screen. Sabu said Shane Douglas was always professional and added that Terry Funk was his favorite guy in the business.

Sabu said Heyman did this because ECW at the time was only selling out shows that Sabu was at and this was an attempt to build up the crowd while he was gone.
He then talked about a match in Japan against Eddy Guerrero in which Sabu went into the crowd after a fan who took his turban. Originally Heyman wanted Sabu to fight Tazz as soon as he came back to ECW, but Sabu shot that down.
He doesn’t remember much about the matches against Chris Candido and Lance Storm but made an interesting point that as a tag team wrestler you begin to know a lot more about how your opponents are progressing than you do your own partner. Sabu ended up defending the title against Rob Black of all people and the gimmick was that another wrestler came out during the match, appearing to be a second Rob Black. They thought that Sabu made the check on his own computer but Sabu said he didn’t have “the balls, or the brains to do that.” Tod Gordon was Sabu’s hookup in 3PW where he wrestled Sean Waltman again and this match was just as easy as the one years earlier. During a stretch of word association, Sabu said that three guys who everyone seems to constantly bury – the Insane Clown Posse, Vampiro and Teddy Hart – are all pretty good guys and that Hart will have a big future in the business if he shuts up. This is an attitude developed over time because a decade earlier Sabu thought the sheets exposed too much. McMahon also told Sabu they would like to package him with The Iron Sheik as his uncle and Sabu said this would have caused his real uncle to have a heart attack.
A second person behind the scenes is the perfect opportunity to follow up on points made by the wrestler.
He’s been in AAA the last couple of years but they stop showing AAA in my television set the last couple of years. This was Hugo’s return match, as he hasn’t wrestled in months.[Intermission](5) Adrienne Reese beat Nikki Storm.
There was always a mystique about this man, as he never really spoke and did all of his talking in the ring. It may sound simple just reading that here, but next time you watch a match keep track of how many times a wrestler comes into contact with a rope (either bouncing off it or climbing it for a move.) There’s also trainers today, such as ROH’s Homicide, who have their students work a 15 minute match without using the ropes (or punches) as one of their tests before graduation. Sabu admits that he didn’t know much about most of the guys in Japan other than what he saw in the ring as they didn’t hang out after the show.
At the next stop Louie poured the bottle of piss outside the window and they thought he was pissing out the window, so he was fired. Some things never change because I’m sure that if tomorrow Paul London told McMahon he wanted to quit the WWE to return back to Ring Of Honor he would be in the same state of shock.
Liar.” Can you imagine what would happen to wrestling in America if the fans made the companies honor the stips?
Sabu said that after this match Nick Bockwinkel put him over, which was big to Sabu because until this point all the old timers would generally say he was ruining the business with his ring style. Sabu said it was good to appear to beat up a fan because it makes the wrestlers look more serious. Heyman asked Sabu how much it would cost to get Sabu to double cross WCW and Sabu said $3,000.
The situation about former ECW owner Tod Gordon being an ECW mole was brought up, but Sabu didn’t think that story was true. While in Puerto Rico Sabu ran into Carly Colon (SmackDown’s own Carlito Caribbean Cool) and found him to be a great guy along with being a good listener.
This must be a double edged sword because without Wade Keller’s Torch, I probably would have known absolutely nothing about Sabu and it was because of the Torch that I was drawn to promotions such as ECW to see guys like Sabu.
Today Sabu would consider going to the WWE if the money was right but also feels that another indie promotion can break out like ECW. This DVD is a must for any fan of the business, if you were into ECW in the 90’s, Japanese hardcore wrestling, or just tales of the business by a man who’s been everywhere and has hardly ever talked. Sabu said it hurt his career a little to be the Sheik’s nephew because the Sheik told the boys to be hard on him. Godwinn and Bastian Booger along with WCW’s the Ding Dongs ) can you imagine the list of names that were too ridiculous even for the wrestling community? Onita’s was a little more serious as he went around the loop and did his “last match at ____” and soon thereafter came back. Sabu had a lot of heat because he wanted to build up to a giant match with Abdullah and the bookers wanted to start him off against Abby.
Sabu said that Gordon’s side of the story was that he and Heyman worked on the angle to get him over as a heel, but that Heyman backstabbed him. In fact it wasn’t until the recent Chris Benoit DVD (in which Sabu yelled “Oh my f---ing neck“ after taking a particularly bad bump) that I realized he could speak English. Sabu said the Sheik’s name didn’t give him a spot in any company, but keep in mind Vince McMahon says that Stephanie earned her position in the WWE as well.
If you read or watch enough wrestling, you'll see that Jarrett getting the "great businessman" tag handed to him was just like Vince McMahon being called a "genius." and I think they are both ridiculous. Sabu said Japanese fans got hurt all the time and told an amazing story in which after one got hurt the Yakuza (the Japanese mafia) wouldn’t let the wrestlers leave a hotel until they got to the bottom of everything. This was pretty much the reason Steve Austin walked out on the WWE that time when he was booked against Brock Lesnar. Keep in mind Vince McMahon created the legendary XFL along with botching the WCW InVasion while Jarrett somehow has lost $17 Million in TNA and his success in Memphis came from paying the wrestlers peanuts. Sabu was very clear he did not want to talk about the Yakuza all that much, which is pretty understandable. Anyway, Sabu cancelled his appearance but Abdullah, who was Sheik’s tag team partner in All Japan, went to the Sheik and Sabu was forced to do the show. This just made Tazz madder, so his rants in-ring would become more intense and this is what Sabu believes made Tazz a main event player. I found this to be really interesting because it seemed as if it was killing Sabu to admit this. Too bad the Sheik wasn’t Shawn Michaels’ uncle as well so we could have been spared all those absurd stories such as “I lost my smile” to get out of a job. The doctors told Sabu he would be out “for years” and he ended up coming back in two weeks.
For God’s sake, here’s Sabu – “the most homicidal, suicidal, genocidal wrestler on the planet” – and I’m used to watching Irwin R.
In perioada in care facea parte din Shield, nu el era cel care muncea cel mai mult in acel grup, ci ceilalti doi.
Sabu was a little bitter that WCW went out of their way to help Public Enemy after he was gone. Treaba lui era sa intre in meci, sa straluceasca pentru cateva momente si apoi sa se retraga. For instance, when he was in WCW Sabu would have to find his own tables, but WCW would give Public Enemy their tables to take to the ring. Acum el este pe cont propriu si are atat de multe spatii goale pe care trebuie sale umple, iar momentan nu reuseste sa faca acest lucru.Stone Cold este un nume important in lumea wrestlingului, tocmai de aceea de cele mai multe ori cuvintele sale cantaresc foarte mult. Sabu was pissed that everyone was stealing his gimmick until he saw Vince McMahon bringing a table to the ring for whatever match he was in at the time. Spera ca echipa creativa va gasi ceva… Joseph Stalin Normal ca observa ca e huiduit si batjocorit pe net. Luna februarie e gratuita pentru noii abonati, dar ca sa iti raspund la intrebare, te ajunge la cam 40 de lei.

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