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Singapore Power Boat Association organized with all Marinas in Singapore cruise to Batam & Bintan, Indonesia.
The cruise commenced after head counts and safety brief and soon we approached the Singapore Straits which is one of the world busiest maritime international traffic lanes.
Not too long later, we arrived at Nongsa Point Marina and were greeted with warmth welcome by staff of Nongsa Point Marina, whom is expecting our arrival. We started our exploration ride about 3pm, together with RSYC riders, we cruised around the edge of eastern Batam.
After riding for 3 hours, we settled back to the marina for a cocktail party, sponsored by Singapore Power Boat Association.
Day one ended happily with a great BBQ dinner with stage performance, organized especially for us by Nongsa Point Marina. The riders were excited to explore further the next day and had decided to explore to Bintan island. Setting off around 9.30am towards Bintan after refueling all our PWCs, the journey was 25km one way. It was great ride for most of the riders as this is their first time experiencing an overseas ride.

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This is also to commemorate the soft opening of Nongsa Point Marina in Batam after their millions dollars renovation.
Mr Arthur Tay, the resident gave good speech on the future of Singapore boating scene, including PWC. The water is choppier when we crossed the channel, but we were still tracking straight on Yamaha Waverunners. We reached back Singapore One 15 marina, with great satisfaction on the Batam exploration rides still lingering in our mind. Wooden deck folds back to expose clear view screen whilst under hull lights allow for night time activities .
We touched down in Nirwana Beach Resort in less than 30minutes where we started from Nongsa and were welcomed by Mr Rahim, the resort sea sport manager, whom a fellow Singaporean that most of us know.

We cruised around another seafront of the famous Banyan Tree resort, the place is absolutely paradise. All riders and boaters enjoyed and love the cruise and were seen discussing for another cross-country ride.
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