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About The SiteHot Import Nights (HIN) is one of the world’s largest automotive lifestyle autoshow!
This is the Car of the Year 2010 voting thread, view the winner from each month and decide which you like the most!
Damn thats a difficult decision, but after narrowing it down had to go with one that I definitely wouldn't mind having some of their mods. HIN has positioned itself at the forefront of modified car culture and is the world’s leading lifestyle car-show featuring hundreds of thousands attendees, thousands of nation’s top show-cars, hundreds of exhibitors and nation’s top talents: DJs, artists, models, dancers and musicians.
The accessibility of the tow hooks are for quick safe vehicle recovery in case of an emergency. HIN has taken the import scene to new heights, attracting record numbers in cities across the nation worldwide and setting up a new standard for car-shows… Taking you to euphoric heights, this worldwide class production will certainly amaze and enlighten those who have been our loyal fans, all the newcomers, waiting to experience their first time as well as the industry that has made HIN what it is today.

I have owned the car since new in 2007 and I have enjoyed it, I started off with small odds and ends and knick-knacks on the car and I am finally moving into more power oriented modifications. My immediate plans for future mods are to squeeze more NA horsepower out of the car and work on the suspension. Currently I'm setting the car up for auto-x, and I have plans for supercharging over the summer. So far, the spec-v has met all of those requirements =DMarch:duesmandellawhat it wasTime for new clutch you say? I'm the admin of the forum we have here and I've been around the sentra world since 2002 and I'll be here for the rest of my life with the money I have into these cars. I wish i went with a lil smaller turbo or kept my t28 then i could autocross it without being stuck in a lag spot on the track I do.

Used to own a highly modified b15 with gobs of devil sauce that I've since given to my daughter so she can piss the boys in town off with. Bought the b13 (the shitbox as my homies from the STL call it!) last november in Tenn-o-seeeeee.

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