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In the late 80s and early 90s bright neon hair hues were the most popular non-traditional hair colors.
The interest of half braid hairstyles is just getting increase everyday and women are really like to adapt it, and that’s no surprise because the fresh hair designers are steadily creating modern and very creative twists on this look! Using a stretchy headband, you just take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, tucking in the loose strands. We gotta fill some other positions…let’s see there’s the Events Coordinator position, the Volunteer Coordinator position. Is it time to make a change Are you looking for your newest hairstyle cut color but not sure what direction to go with? The following wedding hairstyles are the perfect options for a bride with a high glamour wedding.
If you have long hair and you love curls, it means that there is no way that a curling iron is missing from your home.
With so many celebrities confidently taking the risk of shaving off a section of their hair (Cara Delevingne being the most recent girl to join the club), the appeal of the undercut or half-shaved style is clear.
August 12, 2015Prior to this post, I had not even logged in to WordPress since my last post on July 17th.

July 1, 2015Right now I’m really ramping up my diet and exercise in preparation for our January wedding. Hi Christine, have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? Everyone but my grandmother was accepting to the idea, but she turned around and is in love with my hair now. Trimming the dead ends off of your hair every 6-8 weeks will prevent breakage and unhealthy hair. While this may require a bit of time, massaging hot oils into your scalp once or twice a week will make your hair healthier, longer and thicker. Unlike their predecessors, these modern pastel shades are more versatile and easier to maintain. A low pony and a couple topsy twists are all you need to create this dreamy day-to-night hairstyle. Able to redeem a bad hair day, these braids work beauty and comfort into any hair length or texture.
What about these looks – stunning blue and purple hair looks that you know will turn heads for all the right reasons.

The bold curls and intricate updos featured below will be sure to make an elegant look at almost any wedding, and the floral details featured add a whimsical touch.
We said our vows in front of 90 loved ones at Power Plant Productions in Philadelphia. We did our own flowers. The base is made of materials formed and manipulated by hand to look like a crown made from branches. Everyone’s journey is different and the more you accept that, the easier it becomes to be content with your hairs growth rate! Learn your hairs do’s and dont’s and make sure to invest in a great heat protectant when using heat!

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