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Hakky provides cutting edge and innovative treatments in sexual medicine and infertility at Advanced Urology and Men’s Health Georgia. His interests include erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, infertility, and penile implant surgery.
He is a foremost expert in low testosterone and one of the premier surgeons for erectile dysfunction in the United States. He also specializes in the treatment of chronic testicular pain, Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation, and penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy.
After completing his medical training he did a fellowship in Male Infertility at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He has expertise in microscopic vasectomy reversal, microscopic testicular sperm extraction, microsurgical varicocele repair, and complicated epididymovasosotomy. Hakky gained experience in caring for men with fertility difficulties, as well as men looking to optimize their health.

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