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Foods to improve sex drive in males

According to ancient scriptures, myths and scientific study, there are few natural elements present in nature that may give your sex drive the much-needed nudge, and so, we bring to you the five food products that may increase your sex drive! Simply put, Indian Ayurveda, specifically the Kamasutra part of it clearly proclaims that these munchies contain special chemical properties that combat fatigue and allow a man to go on and on and on.
Considered to be the real deal, oysters have been used to increase the sex drive since ages in many cultures all across the world.
When I think of libido-increasing foods, my mind goes straight to shelled oysters served on a silver platter by an overly-oiled, overly-muscled and overly-quaffed man.
However, scientific research is not the only approach being offered for an increased sex drive. She suggests eating seven foods: sea vegetables, Adzuki beans, cranberries, microalgea, freshwater clams, Umeboshi plums and homemade bone broth. Other natural approaches to increasing libido have been cited recently in the news as well.
Though these holistic foods are not as common in mainstream scientific studies, they have a certain je ne sais quoi that is giving them a rising presence in the trending libido-increasing culture.
So whether it’s coming from the bedroom or the kitchen, if you’re interested in increasing your libido while simultaneously stuffing your face, try adding any of these foods into your everyday diet. Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Smoothies can be blended to be heavy in libido-boosting fruits like mangoes, peaches, or strawberries. Zingerman’s seasonal Cranberry Pecan Bread (around $15 a loaf…offered only in November and December).
Like our “Spoon Health-ier” Facebook page because nutrition labels shouldn’t count as a foreign language. Today we will discuss 10 foods that can naturally boost and increase libido in males and females.
There are many ways to increase sex drive in males and females, drugs such as Viagra helps in males and there are other similar for females but these drugs are made from chemicals that in long run can cause numerous negative side effects.
Celery may not be the first food type that comes to mind for increasing sex drive in males but celery contains androsterone, which is an releases an odourless hormone that turns women on.
Raw oysters are naturally high in zinc which means it naturally increases testosterone levels and boosts libido in males. Eating almonds and nuts in general naturally increases sex drive in males (it increases testosterone levels in males).
Avocados contain high levels of vitamin B6 which is a key ingredient to increase sex drive in males. The best online diet and weight loss program that guarantees you to lose up to 23lbs in just 21 days! Wannabe Casanovas have tried a litany of weird cuisine in hopes of supplementing their stiffies, from cobra blood, to sea cucumber, to rhino horn, to baboon urine. Fortunately, you don’t have to subject your tastebuds to a trial by fire if you need a boost in the bedroom. Suggestive appearance aside, these shellfish are one of history’s most notorious aphrodisiacs for good reason. Spicy foods have a variety of health benefits, not least of which is their effect on arousal. The pomegranate, intimidating though the messy eating process can be, packs plenty of passion-promoting power. Foods that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids – like salmon – help keep your sex hormones in peak condition.
The avocado’s sensuous shape and mouthfeel are just part of the reason the fruit has a long-standing reputation amongst aphrodisiac foods.
Celery doesn’t immediately come to mind as a sexy vegetable, but what it lacks in girth it makes up for in length and aphrodisiac magic.
Go ahead and add watermelon in your shopping list; it has two great qualities taste and the X factor.

Spinach woks wonderfully in women as it contain manganese which increases female fertility by producing estrogen.
Size doesn’t matters, small but useful seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, onion and watermelon also can wok as viagra and create the sexy magic. Spice up your food a little bit because capsaicin is the common ingredient which make chilly and you spicy and hot.
Besides having strange shape bananas have great amount of potassium which help heart in pumping and blood flowing. We love them in our salads and in our Subways; heartily garnished on our pizzas and the likes.
It irks humans, gives us a disgusting after-breath and melts vampire's brains (the real vampires, and not the shiny glow-in-the-light ones).
Popping them and gobbling them in the morning is more of a norm, for they contain tonnes of vitamins and other things that give you strength. These are loaded with vitamins, potassium and hordes of other things to keep you pumped up to do some heavy-duty pumping.
Though my parents would probably rather their college dollars be funding less crude endeavors (but hey, we settled for an English degree, didn’t we?), let’s face it — in the energized world of collegiate academics and social life, the only things I can consistently count on are my body’s own natural urges.
And while I’m clearly getting a lot more of one than the other (e’hem…pass the mac ‘n cheese), why not try and combine them?
Though the article is somewhat crude, and more than a little bit sexist (it jokes that chocolate is “the surest way to a woman’s vagina”), these foods do seem to have scientific support as well. In a 2013 Fox News article, author Jacqueline Silvestri Banks advocates for a more holistic method to balancing, and heightening, the body’s primal urges. While the more ‘holistic’ foods on this list might be harder to find (I doubt that CVS has a bone broth flavor of Ramen), sea vegetables, cranberries and clams are available at many on campus restaurants and stores. And in the resurgence of craft products sweeping across the Ann Arbor campus, this makes sense.
Also, check out these local dishes, which are filled with many of the ingredients cited above.
So my male friends if you want to turn on your female friends make sure that you eat plenty of celery before bedtime. Therefore eating one banana everyday will ensure that you will have a long lasting libido in your life. It also contains high levels of potassium which helps females to regulate their thyroid gland. I recommend that you start with The 3 Week Diet Program and start to lose between 12-23 pounds in just 21 days! Virtually every culture stretching back centuries has a menu of delicacies designed to ignite passion and enhance performance.
Some of it is questionable from a health and safety standpoint, some is straight-up illegal, and the rest requires an iron stomach if you want to do anything between the sheets except sustain the fetal position until the nausea passes. These 10 aphrodisiac foods are delicious and readily available for your next romantic dinner. Oysters are brimming with zinc, a mineral that can boost semen production and regulate sexual hormones. Cocoa contains the chemicals phenylethylamine and anandamide, which boost levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin in your brain. A study by The Male Clinic in California found that pomegranate juice had a positive effect on erectile dysfunction. As far back as the Aztecs, humans have embraced the avocado for its high levels of vitamin E, which helps your body produce essential sex hormones and stimulates sexual responses.
Celery is said to stimulate the pituitary gland, a part of the brain that plays a key role in releasing sexual hormones. It’s proven that pomegranate juice works as great as a Viagra drug and it is also 100% natural which means no side effects.

Light green leafy cabbage contain good amount of zinc which helps to improve sperm quality and quantity. These seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc which helps to stimulates sex hormones levels. And we're sure you'll love them even more when you realize that they give your sex drive a much needed nudge. But what the grandmas don’t know (or do they?) is that they they contain tyrosine, an amino-acid which supposedly uplifts people's moods. Other than being full of vitamins and potassium that give you an abundant reserve of energy, bananas also help to keep you alert. It has now been officially backed by the scientists who state that eating oysters release testosterone in men and estrogen in women which give one's sex drive a plutonic kick!
What I’m talking about are foods that increase your sex drive from a biological perspective. We are drinking microbrews, purchasing organic foods, listening to records and wearing chunky sweaters found in thrift stores. These salty crisps make a stellar light treat, and come in both traditional and wasabi flavors. It’s also believed that the sensual, slurping eating method helps get your engine going. Pomegranates are also high in antioxidants, which boost blood flow and in turn increase genital sensitivity. If you don’t eat fish, omega-3s can be found in walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds instead. Mentions of their properties can be found in the work of Roman poet Ovid and in The Perfumed Garden, an ancient Arabic sex manual. Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids that supply the sex organs with important nutrients and enhance testosterone production.
To be able to improve sexual performance by just drinking a glass full of pomegranate juice; isn’t that great?
Adding a tablespoon of these seeds to your meal will help you to increase your testosterone level for the hottest and longest night.
It has chemicals phenethylamine and Serotonin which increases the feeling love and also boosts your libido. Specifically, green olives are reputed to make men more virile while black olives increase a woman’s sex drive. We’ve all heard the myths that certain foods can increase your body’s libido … but which ones are they, do they really work and where can we find them?
There is a clear shift towards vintage happening amongst Ann Arbor’s collegiate, and it seems that a movement towards these more holistic foods could very well be the next craze. That’s the same thing a certain little blue pill does, without the side effects of taking a prescription drug. Its many other health benefits will help keep you in peak physical condition which, duh, is also a must for an A-list sex life. Garlic gives your blood-flow a much-needed kick, which helps in a more than sufficient blood circulation, acting as a performance enhancement for you in the bed.
Holistic foods are like dubstep — we hardly ever know what they’re talking about, but we listen anyway.
And Nitric Oxide plays very important role in your sex life because it triggers your sex drive and helps in erection.

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