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Ultrasound tests have revealed that both collagen and elastin breakdown in the skin’s foundations, leaving “black holes” for fat to poke through. Another method is that of using Micro-crystals with a permanent charge, to create a static magnetic field, forcing disorientated cells to readjust. How do contouring ingredients work in cellulite lotions and creams that claim to be treatments for cellulite? ANTIOXIDANTS – vitamins C and E inhibit free-radicals, so help preserve collagen, elastin and skin firmness.

Read more about cellulite treatments and discover how this treatments for cellulite could help reduce the appearance of cellulite for you. What all the new contouring creams do well is to make the skins surface look and feel smoother. It is recommended that stroking on a cocktail of AHAs and antioxidants, can help fill in the dimples by encouraging stronger skin growth.
Adipocytes (fat cells) contain lipase – a lipid-regulating enzyme activated by cyclic AMP molecules.

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