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I actually thought that they would be killing off Tauriel in BOTFA, so I was mildly surprised that she survived. Q:I agree with you too on the hobbit bc for once in my life i actually prefered the movies to the book. It’s not about liking the book over the movies or vice verse, truly guys, I look at the books and movies as extensions of each other. Q:I was fine with everything Peter added to the story with the exception of Tauriel and Kili.

Between the books & 6 films I have such a complete, beautiful imagining of Middle-earth.
It is not Evangeline Lilly’s fault (as she was quite magnificent as an Elf), it just had to do with PJ’s OBSESSION towards Elves!Thanks for the ask! It would be lazy (and a serious cop out) if directors stuck word for word to the original source work. Really, there would be no point in paying $10+ if what you saw on screen is exactly what you read in the book.

Peter Jackson and company put a lot of effort, time, and money to bring Middle-earth on screen and I will be forever grateful to him!Sorry if this turned into a rant!

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