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Out of the top ten, there’s only one DVD that made it in the list, the rest are all in CD formats. Kapamilya Primetime Princess Kathryn Bernardo and award-winning actor Philip Salvador for the first time joined in a heavy drama episode of "MMK" this Saturday night, January 7, 2012.Kathryn and Philip portray the role of father and daughter. Christine (Andi Eigenmann) was a consistent honor student, an active church choir member and a budding choral guitarist. Pablo (Joshua Garcia) considers himself lucky for having a happy home with two loving parents, Benjamin (Dominic Ochoa) and Rita (Assunta de Rossi). All is well until Simon, a stranger who has nowhere to go, comes and finds shelter in their home.

Kathryn is Dang, a daughter who stood strong for her father even if her mother was giving-up already.Here is the teaser of the said "MMK" episode.
But these beautiful things did not sound right when one day she found out that she was gradually losing her ability to hear.
With Simon living with them, Pablo starts to notice strange things happening in their home, including Rita treating her husband critically. As her nerves from both ears died slowly, outside, she was fighting against discrimination, insecurities and misery.
One night, Benjamin is found dead, and through a Manobo ritual, they find out that Simon is behind Benjamin’s death.

More than anything else, she had put herself into a raise to finish her studies and live a normal life before total silence has finished her. They soon discover cult items in Simon’s belongings that Pablo’s relatives say Simon used to put Rita under a love spell.

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