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If you’ve ever attempted to attach a large file to an email in Outlook file you’ve probably received a notification window alerting you that “The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit.”  Even though it doesn’t tell you, the default file attachment limit in Outlook 2010 is 20 MB. Right-Click an empty area in the right-panel of the Preferences key and Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. I enter the modify string and closed and restarted outlook 2010 but was still unable to get a larger sizes to load onto my email, in my case I set the value to 10240. I have a Windows 7 64-bit computer with Office 2010 and when I edit the registry, the entry for Preferences is not there? If your mail server and the recipient’s server supports a larger size of message attachments, you can increase this limit in Outlook.

After the changes are made, you can attach larger files to your letters in Outlook (in our example, we have attached a 58 MB PST file). If your mail server or the recipient mail server do not support letters of a larger size, when trying to send a large email message, you will get an NDR (Non delivery report) with the information that the maximum attachment size has been exceeded. What we’ll do in this How-to is change that limit to anything you want!  However, keep in mind that your file attachment sizes will still governed by the limits of your email service provider.
It doesn’t matter if a single large file or several small ones are attached — the total attachment size would not exceed 20 MB. Here is how to increase the Outlook attachment size limit with a quick and easy registry hack.Increase Attachment Size Limit for Outlook 2010Before we get started here is an example of the error you might get if you try to attach an attachment that exceeds 20 MB.Pretty annoying right?

Well open up the Registry by going to the Start Search and type in regedit.exe and hit enter to load the Registry. Here is a handy KB to MB converter.After you finish entering your KB amount go give it a try. Anyways give it a try.Now before you can send the super big attachment, you might want to make sure you reflect your mail server limit.

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