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The versatility of the big SUV is what endears it: it can be a people mover, load lugger, light off-roader or the family taxi and performs each role with distinction. Nine-speed auto is near seamless once warmed up but can clunk on downshifts when cold.Design - Badging is the biggest real change but there are tweaks to the lights and bumpers front and rear.

Interior updates include new multimedia screen, revised dash and steering wheel.Is the GLS 500 the best all-round luxury SUV? Once there, head and legroom is more than reasonable, making the GLS a practical people-mover (as distinct from kiddie carrier) should the need arise.Benz says the standard GLS has some off-road ability.
Those who insist on taking a luxury car into the scrub should option the Off-Road Experience pack which uses the air suspension to help the big SUV traverse serious obstacles.

I'm guessing there won't be a huge take-up …Fuel use is entirely dependent on the driver's right foot.

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