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The following screens detail settings on the Advanced, Monitor, Boot, Tools, and Exit tabs in the Advanced Mode interface. How much more performance are we talking for spending two or three times the amount for this board instead of something else? What's confused me though about this and previous similar offerings from ASUS is the timing. Or are there really people that rebuild their already top-end rig at this point in the cycle? Podcast #413 - NVIDIA Pascal Mobile, ARM and Intel partner on 10nm, Flash Memory Summit and more!

Check out System Monitor with Battery Max, maybe the system monitor app can meet your requirements. Even disregarding cost, seems like a lot of hassle for little performance returns left on the table? System Monitor with Battery Mac is a versatile system monitor app developed by Tekton Technologies (P) Ltd. Are there really people who want the best of the best, cost no concern, but were twiddling their thumbs for a year? With the help of the system monitor, you can check the memory consumption, battery status, running processes, disk info, CPU load and the basic info of your iOS device.

And double tapping screen allows you to check more detailed info about memory, battery and CPU.

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