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Part of the Tanner scale (sometimes called the Tanner stages) is widely accepted as a summary of the physical and secondary sex characteristics that show up as adolescents mature. In Stage 1, usually around 10-years old and younger, there is no pubic hair and the testicles and penis do not enlarge. In Stage 2, there is still no rapid height gain, but the testicles and penis may slightly increase in size. In Stage 3, height increases a bit more, at a slightly faster rate (about seven to eight centimeters per year instead of the average five to six). Boys enter and progress through the stages of puberty at different rates, so don't worry if you're not hitting the growth spurts and getting your first introduction to shaving as early as some of your friends. After breasts and testicles start growing, body hair will start to grow in and become thicker.  For both boys and girls, new hair will start growing in the armpits and pubic area around the genitals.
Keep track of your child's bodily changes in a way that respects his or her desire for privacy.
Mad Magazine - (male excellent CB twice, UC, BE) 1954 "Gasoline Valley" Gasoline Alley parody.
Madballs - (rejuv or AR?) #08 Marvel "Madball Babies".Fountain of Youth plotline with the Madballs.
Man Who Grew Young, The(reverse lifespan) Daniel Quinn, Tim Eldred graphic novel, 2001.A funeral is not as it seems. Mandy - (looks like AA age forms)"Picture story library for Girls", #66 "Pandora's Box", 1983, 64p. Marvel Tales(FF OA'd AA) #128 "The Man Who Meddled!", AKA "Where Monsters Dwell" #33.A scientist tries to speed up the life cycle of lab mice to hasten research trials.
Mary Marvel - (male adult rejuv, male OA) "The Youth Pills", 1947, #16.The AR pill has no effect on the world's mightiest girl.
Minus - (flashback, flash forward) Little girl with astonishing magical powers wanders around toying with her omnipotence, often changing herself and other people at whim. Miracleman - (age stasis) - Winter Moran birth scene, child age form - art - (APed) #9, 1985. Misfile(17 to 15 unseen ARed) Webcomic link Main character regressed overnight from high school senior to 15-year-old girl, while the other character is a boy who wakes up as a girl. Monster Girl(AR) comic, 2005 A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with.
My Greatest Adventure - (male adult to old age) #73.Man surveying cavern discovers a pool which has a strange effect. Mystery in Space - (AA adult old age glimpses, AA adult male old age, RN) - Hour-Glass of age. National Lampoon - (male young adult to OA) "Too Old For Menudo" telenovela-style comic.We follow a member who, on the eve of his 16th birthday, leaves the Boy Band in accordance with their policy. Neil Gaiman's Wheel of Worlds - (excellent AP CB glimpse, adult growth CB) - AP CB scene - adult CB scene - (GlassThorn) - (excellent AP scene, CB) #1. New Teen Titans - Vicky Grant - Annual #1 1982 "Final Conflict!" Wolfman, P?rez, Tanghal. New Titans, The - (male AP) Lord Chaos evolves himself to adulthood, kills his mother, and within a month rules alternate Earth. New Warriors(male APed) Rage Elvin Haliday, after being mutated by toxic waste, is a 14-year-old in the body of an adult built like a mountain. Out of This World Adventures - (male AR to nothing) "Crom, the Barbarian" At the end, v1#1, 1950. Out of This WorldTales of the bizarre - INFO PAGE - (male AR) #1 "Crom The Barbarian" Charlton.
Outsiders, The(APed) "The Outsiders" - Halo aka Gabrielle Doe, possessed the body of Marissa Barron. Penny & Merida age swap meme - (dedicated ARed & mostly AA APed) 2013.There was a request for Penny from Bolt and Merida from Brave to swap ages by means of a magic wand.
Peter Is The Wolf - (adult TF scenes) People changing from human to their were forms will not always RIP the clothing. Planetary - (male adult age stasis) 2 characters with the birthday January 1st, 1900 are older than they look: Elijah Snow, who permanently looks about 40, and Axel Brass, who figured out how to stop his aging when he was 43. Preteena - (FF, coming of age, TF AA dream sequences) 2005.Self-image AA APed changes - coming of ageJeri's breasts were drawn slightly bigger as she passed through puberty.
Prime - (male AP muscle) Comic about 13 year old boy who can change into giant adult superhero. Prince Valiant - (mental adult rejuvenation, mental AR) 2010.A life extending potion is mistakenly taken by Valiant, his wife, and several others. Real Ghostbusters, The - (male AR) #22, "Ecto-Baby", Marvel UK, 1988.An Ecto-Baby raiding a toy store turns them into little kids! Red Robin - (AR AA illusion)Everyone gets caught up in the virtual world, and as a result Tim Drake sees Lucius Fox's daughter Tam as he first did: a chubby baby girl.
Requiem Chevalier Vampire(reverse aging) Anglo-French graphic novel, 2000, Heavy Metal magazine. Resurrection Man(male) Features a hero who must die to use his ability to be reborn - each time with a different power. Richie Rich - (male FFed to OA dream) He slept into old age and appeared on Jackie Jokers' version of "Here Is Your Life" with all his friends, family members, and even adversaries being much older. Rigamo - (AP) 2015, Che Grayson, Sharon De La Cruz.Black girl comics, rapid sketch style, multimedia? Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire - (male adult rejuvenation, male AR, male old age RN)"The Youth Serum" The Trigan Empire, 1974, Philip Cork. Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire(male AR, male old age) "The Three Princes" 1968 comic by Mike Butterworth, Don Lawrence. Robert Crumb(kinda like ARed from neck up, mental ARed) "The Big Baby" is a character who looks like a huge curvy woman with a baby head sucking on a pacifier who just says "goo". Roz Chast - (child to teen AA APed) "The Fountain of Puberty", 2012, 1-panel New Yorker cartoon.
Runaways - (coming of age) when Molly Hayes powers developed, she kept trying to talk to her parents and friends about the weird things her body was doing, but they thought she was just talking about normal puberty.
Runaways - (flashed forward) - Alex is shocked "that dorky girl" Nico grew up during an absence.
Sabrina - (FF AA APed) - magic spell timestream acceleration - 13 to 18 - (kinda like APed) vol 2 #38 (Michael Gallagher, color, 32pg $1.99) Everything old is new again as Sabrina returns to being a teenager! Sandman - (kinda like ARed) "A Game of You" arc.Despite her name and nature, The Cuckoo (arch-enemy of the Narnia-like dream-fantasy "Land") mostly appears in the form of a young, pig-tailed, freckled blonde girl - in fact, the childhood form of Barbie, the arc's protagonist.
Scooby-Doo Team-Up - (poof ARed AA) #3, 2013.A magical imp is causing havoc in Gotham City, and Batman and Robin look for help from Scooby and the gang. Secrets of Haunted House - (adult OA scenes, FB) - old age scene - youth stealing witch is foiled.
Secrets of Sinister House - (male AA comic, accelerated growth rate) #18 DC "The Baby Who Had One Year To Die" (July). Secrets of Sinister House - (male adult OA) #07 DC "The Hag's Curse" - "The Hamptons' Revenge!"800 year old curse causes a man to be aged to death.
Secrets of the Unknown - (possible adult stasis or OA?) #175 Alan Class "Forever Is Too Long" 1980. Septuple Aura - (TF age forms) Android app only, 2013 webcomic.A mystical being leads a double life, switching between age 21 and circa 12 battle forms. She-Hulk - (adult TF) In human form, she wears a baggy T-shirt that covers the important bits. Shrinking Violet - (size changes, TFs) DC character.Salu Digby can shrink down to any size, from a few feet high (Adventure Comics 310) to insect-size. Sins of Youth - (ARed) Young Justice and other titles, TPB.The cute Baby JSA and teen JLA have trashed Young Justice's cave.
Sins Of Youth - 2000 DC 12-part AA comics series - INFO PAGEKlarion the Witch Boy alters the ages of the Justice League, Justice Society and Young Justice. Skaar - (male growth TF ability) One of the Hulk's sons can change between a small gray child-like form and a bigger Hulk-like form.
Solo Avengers - (accelerated growth) #18 #20 Moondragon's consciousness is transferred into her new clone body, which will mature at an accelerated rate.
Soulsearchers - (younger forms) #34, 1998, Claypool Comics.All the members of Soulsearchers as kids. Space Ace - (male AR, possible AP or OA) #1, CrossGen Comics, 2003.Ace, who still AR's unexpectedly, returns from the game mission with baby Bork in tow.

Spelljammer - (AP) Wildfyre, a red dragon who wishes to create worshippers, transforms Tember (Tenah) and a group of gullible teenagers into adults with big, beautiful bodies.
As a whole, it looks at the primary and secondary sex characteristics in children, adolescents, and adults, but it can be used to explain what to expect during puberty as well.
No growth spurts tend to happen, but children in this stage continue to grow about five to seven centimeters per year. Your penis will get longer and wider, and pubic hair will begin to grow around the base of the penis. Your penis and testicles are at their mature sizes, and you've had your deeper voice for a while. If you do think something is out of the ordinary, however, don't be afraid to address concerns with your doctor.
Although physical changes follow a predictable pattern, every child develops at his or her own pace. You may want to talk to your doctor if your daughter doesn’t get her first period by the time she's 16. Early or precocious puberty is when a child reaches a physical or hormonal milestone -- breast, testes, or pubic hair growth -- before age 6 to 8 in girls or 9 in boys. Rectitude Et Genial Olivier - (male AR, male RN AP) "Un Genie Ingenu", #10, 1982, Jacques Devos.A genius boy invents a youth elixir and tests it on his uncle. Wagner, Hadley, Friend, Major.Betty Reynold's perfect life as a housewife in 1957 begins to change in a decidedly unsettling, physical way. After the coffin has been dug up, the corpse is taken to the hospital, comes back to life, and recovers from an illness. In Book One, J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, briefly assumes the form of a young girl before battling Black Adam.
Fury and his Howling Commandos", #34, 2009.Several Avengers start slipping "randomly" through time, meeting up with Nick Fury and his Commandos from WWII.
The adult youth thieves then head to adult city where they turn everyone into decrepit oldsters, and the buildings into worthless ruins. Doom plans to get all the fractal crystals by grabbing them in the past before they were originally found.
His success in the lab spills out as his newborn baby dies of old age within 3 years, and the effects are spreading to him. A little girl spent 43 years in suspended animation until a cure for tuberculosis could be found.
The youthened girl experiences difficulties, and the boy-is-a-girl thing is always good for a laugh. Somehow reverted back to her infant form (with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac was defeated.
Killpower "Julius Mullarkey" is a genetically engineered supersoldier designed to mature at a rapid rate.
Garcia's visuals are up to the task of Mystique's transformations, but don't have the precision that Maguire brought to her changes in X-men Forever.
Once Illyana has grown to a teenager, the one piece animal skin she wore in Limbo became a two piece outfit. Mojo and Spiral regress Captain Britain back to a teenager (first mentally then physically), and later hypnotize the young members of the New Mutants. Selene Gallio can move at super speed, though this can cause her to age rapidly and require more life energy. He was born fully possessed and conscious of his power, growing at an extremely accelerated rate. She has difficulties adjusting to her new body, and the age and status it brings with it, since she is often known to act like a teenage valley-girl; for instance, she enters into a relationship with Faust because her new body is adult and therefore it's allowed. The young man broods on how unfair it is that he will age and his portrait will remain ever young.
They all start acting like love sick newlyweds.Another knight and a woman companion start to act like lovesick young teens, while the last woman acts like a playing child.
Scheherazade (Kashmira Raschim) looks like an attractive teenage girl of Middle-to-Far Eastern descent. The young Ghostbusters face a second childhood unless they can grow up and give that ghost baby a time-out.
Reuben Reuben, a "cub reporter" for the Daily Sun, can call upon the powers of his ancestors by simply shouting "Hey Rube", which causes him to transform from a non-child into all-powerful adult superhero Red Rube. 2009, Kathy O'Connell mostly autobiographical tale of childhood spent in Catholic orphanage and with foster families.
As if dealing with a bad-tempered and demanding old man was not enough, there is also his ambitious nephew and his henchmen who intend to get their hands on his wealth. After a 3-year absence, the hero's geeky French student-exchange partner straightens her hair, gets contact lenses, and become magically cool and something of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Ancient voodoo housekeeper Nettie, who normally looks about 70, is super-charged by magic and reflexively reverts to her devastatingly beautiful 20-something appearance. Also: the mutant Morph, Warlock, skrulls like Z'Cann , Meggan, Masque, Wolfsbane, Colossus. As a participant in a secret CIA experiment, agent Sandra Silke's genetic structure is altered, giving her the ability to morph her appearance to almost any form she can imagine, including the power to change her age at will.
The Seven Deadly Sins are capable of possessing their masters and this causes a transformation. Zoe gets repeatedly changed into a camel and back to a human; she remains clothed, since her dress simply bunches up around her neck in her camel form. Before reaching his teens, he was placed in a regeneration tank to slow clonal degeneration. The pubic hair changes in texture, becoming coarse and dark, and spreads out further along the pubic area. You'll get to start shaving, as facial hair will appear on the sides of the face, and your body will have a more adult shape overall, with wider shoulders and more muscle mass.
They can be sore, but the pain goes away as breasts grow and change shape over the next few years. When it does, your son's shoulders will become fuller and broader, and he'll grow taller, too.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Desperate to save herself, she casts a spell to summon Death herself - as in Morpheus' uber-cool Goth sister from Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series - to persuade her that it's not actually her time to die. Her daughter, friends, and husband remain oblivious as Betty grows 5 inches taller, her clothes no longer fit, and she develops dark shiny roots in her hair. The unburied dead go on to have careers, unmarry their spouses, forget their education, turn back into children, and become reverse incontinent.
The time anomalies are caused by a pair of Ancient Egyptian sorcerers, trying to make the Pharaoh immortal by stopping the flow of time around his body. Reverted to young adulthood, the baroness poofs innocent bystanders into babies as a diversion. When the heroes go stop him, a malfunction turns everyone except Reptil (the only teen) into babies, and Redwing back into an egg. He heads back to town where he finds himself compelled to steal a quantity of heavy water and radium. The original android Human Torch gave her an emergency transfusion of his synthetic blood, resulting in her recovering her health, youth and faded super-speed powers.
Marinna Necromantra, the daughter of Lukasz and Eden Blake, is born and literally grows up overnight. Mojo has collected Rahne, Roberto, Leong, Nga, Butch, Darla, and Alfie and transforms them into adults and makes them his Bratpack.
There are no transformation scenes for Captain Britain, though he became much weaker as a youth, and none for anyone when they are returned to their proper ages either. This second graphic book picks up in 1984 and finds the author fleeing the Iran-Iraq War for what she hopes will be a more liberating life in Vienna. The titular character is similar sized in both forms, so he doesn't do much to his clothes. He wishes with all his might that it were otherwise - and in some bizarre, magical way - it is! Exposure to radiation enabled Wright to transform himself into an adult superhuman who called himself Captain Hero.

Prime would not only face villains, but stayed in superhero form to sneak into a bar, and faced molestation charges when he continued to visit a girl his 13 year-old alter-ego had a crush on.Movie version in pre-production. The Four Swell Guys solve the Painted Doll mystery, and Tom Strong gathers his onetime science-hero allies.
Richie's parents are missing and when he finds them, he learns that they, and his aunt and uncle, have been turned into children. When she appeared on the cover of the "Complete Crumb" he put a little blurb saying "relax folks, she's 18".
Unfortunately, the time stream is a little muddy and they wind up bouncing all over the place -- from the distant past to the far-flung future! After turning into She-Hulk during a gator attack, she was gassed by the two Fathers and bathed in the calming waters of eternal adult youth.
She reveals she was ALWAYS capable of making this change, but never wanted to - in fact, she's incredibly annoyed by her youth and just wants to go back to being old. The now-tight T-shirt reads "CBLDF".In the Dan Slott run she managed to shred her work clothes, as she had a psychological addiction to her powered up form, but for various reasons had to stay in her human form at work.
It takes a few seconds for Violet to dwindle to tiny size (AD 350) and she can "grow" back up again right away if necessary (AD 358).
In other cases she ends up naked when returned to her human form, the transformation having removed her clothes; as a rule, minor Hilarity Ensues. Daredevil's soul and a piece of the demon Zarathos inhabited Tyne, leaving him with a demonic appearance.
Hair will also show up under the arms about two years after pubic hair starts to grow, your voice will finish changing, and cystic acne could make its debut. Early puberty rarely is due to hormone exposure or a problem with the thyroid, ovaries, or brain. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. While powerful, they're not particularly competent, and thus caused all the time weirdness. Though the TG and AR drive the comic, each only happens at the beginning, and neither is seen. It also affected her aging, so she can still be a young, attractive woman at over 80 years old. Her power is shapeshifting, which includes changing her size completely (growing bigger and smaller) and turning into other people. Spitfire also has vampiric abilities, as shown in the comic series, MI-13.(Eric) - Somewhere in the teens, one of the side characters was regressed from an elderly woman to a teenager of about 16. She has thousands of these short-lived offspring, used as cannon-fodder by the Chinese government. When he reaches the youngest possible point, rather than turning into a zygote and disappearing, he swings around and begins to age the other way, presumably dying when he hits old age again. Because Satrapi's adventures in Vienna take place during her teenage years, we get to witness the physical transformation of her character and girl body. A novel of dark wonders brilliantly brought to life in the heralded Marvel Illustrated style. Whenever Beck speaks the magic words "Captain Marvel", she is transformed into Thunder, an adult super-heroine.Captain Marvel Billy's twin sister Mary Batson (adopted as Mary Bromfield) says the magic word "SHAZAM!" The classic-era Mary Marvel remained a teenager, while the modern version is transformed into an adult like her brother, with a yellow on white costume. Such was her desire to change, that she hulked out almost immediately when she got out of the office, with a sigh of relief. She is quick enough to shrink to avoid being hit by ray-guns; the blasts go over her head as she dwindles in height (AD 355, AD 361). She often used it to her advantage but was still emotionally guided by her childish appearance. Amy calls upon the powers of the Ring of Acorns to make herself older - transforming herself into her "Dreamcast" counterpart. Through meditation, he learned to project a human image - but now he looked to be in his 20s, almost twice his actual age.
The penis will continue to grow in width and length, and the testicles will enlarge slightly.
Boys also may have some swelling on their chest but it tends to go away within a year or two. Depending on when puberty starts, he may not reach his adult height until his late teens or even early 20s. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Finally, the pair attempts to summon a massive burst of time magic to destroy the heroes, loses control over it, and turns themselves into babies. In an aptly titled chapter, "The Vegetable," Satrapi writes how she grew an astounding 7 inches between the ages of 15 and 16 and then proceeds to take us on a more elaborate explanation of her other growth spurts, which include the elongation of her face and the repositioning of her beauty mark. The next day the fish is revived, but her ability to restore life is in direct correlation to years off her own life. There she has the physical form of a time when Thanos fought the Avengers, a teenager in her first year of college, before she had her powers. He tells Burns and Smithers the cooking pot contains the elixir, but they enjoy 20 year old meat.
However the story's main character, Adam, has lived for centuries without being reunited with his mother.
By saying "Kimota", he turned into an adult hero with the powers of flight, speed and durability. The Fathers were furious at Jen for generating stress and worry and sentenced her to death for the "Crime of Doing." However, she managed to convince them that life without self-improvement is no life at all. Filled with rage, Skeeter becomes the massive Titania, an incredibly muscular and curvy Amazon woman who is the strongest female in the Marvel canon. As she moves deeper into Thanos' mind, she takes the form of herself at her graduation, and finally returns to being She-Hulk. Normal clothes do not shrink with her, as when she was turned into a small child, making her costume oversized.
She tries to put on her former clothes and walks around the school in a now very small school uniform. The protagonist travels "the length of Palestine and Syria" and circles "the shores of Asia Minor" and finally enters a land called Mesopotamia.
Young Miracleman Dickey Dauntless transformed by saying "Miracleman", as did Kid Miracleman, Johnny Bates. Betsy is transformed into a Mojo-like being - link ('O') - Meggan was born in a gypsy camping. A hasty sketch glimpse of her foot no longer fitting her shoe was found.Kera must make a choice: should she use her power for the greater good? The people of la Hacienda were so moved by her speech they shattered the Fountain, sacrificing their eternal adult youth in exchange for actually living life. For a number of issues, you see her adjusting to her new age, including a few good clothing scenes. She has mutant power to change her shape to any form, reading other people's desire to become what they want. She now looks about 35: Her hair is all dark, her face relatively unlined, except at the eyes. When her power was "beefed-up" by Ambassador Thora, Violet gained the ability to "grow" like Colossal Boy (AD 368). After a brutal confrontation he says his magic word by mistake and reverts to 13 years old. The girl becomes pregnant, has the baby a few minutes later, and as mentioned the baby eventually grows up and shows naked breasts and pubic hair at the end of the comic story.
She's dressed in something that's much too large for her so it's hard to see what it is, really -- a dress or something, or even an oversized pillowcase with holes cut in it at the top for her head to poke out through. It drags on the floor and hides her feet -- get the feeling you do when tiny kids dress up in adult dressing-up clothes.

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