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Before and after photos of an 18 year old New Jersey male, who is 6'0 and weighs 165 pounds. The teenager is much more confident in his appearance and the family is extremely happy with the results of the surgery. The life expectancy also increased rapidly, as a result our country saw an increasing number of young start-up businesses in the recent years, mainly in the field of Information Technology (IT). Also inspiring examples like Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and more, ignited the young minds, making start ups as the new trend word. But many of us wouldn’t have noticed that the pattern of start-ups were mostly having IT or service sects as core idea.
In my analysis on recent nominations and award recognitions for start-ups in India, indicates that, nearly 80% of them are having IT as core idea.

The first one is about an old village farmer, who was conferred the honorable title “Padma Shree” for his contribution to the field of agriculture. He faced several difficulties initially and at one stage he was at the verge of being bankrupt. Utilizing the college facilities, and professional help, he did innovative research on breeding of hybrid seeds, plants, making plants to flower in different colors and lot more and implemented them in his own field. Kalam, who introduced him to a German farmer, who helped him in further enhancing his techniques.
India even though emerging as a global superpower, it still depends on other countries in the field of infrastructure, space technology, nuclear technology, defense technology, automobile sectors, and lot more. India can attain the position of a developed country, only if every nut and bolt of the technologies we use, is manufactures by an Indian Indigenously.

Startups in these fields of infrastructure and hardcore technologies of design and testing (Metro rail construction for instance) are not much. I wish the startups to grow in the above fields to act as ‘the scratch’, facilitating the progress of our nation.Share Story :TweetPrint What are your views?

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