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Also known as humpies, due to the very large hump males get just behind the head, during the spawning phase.
Also known as the redfish, red, or blue-black, they are the most important commercial species. Also known as the king, tyee, or blackmouth, the name Chinook came from the native peoples of the Columbia River and is considered a proper name and thus is always capitalized. Commonly known as the steelhead trout, coastal rainbow trout, silver trout, salmon trout, ironhead, or steelie this salmon has historically been idolized as a trophy game fish.
Also known as sea-run cutthroat trout, coastal cutthroat trout, red-throated throated trout, sea trout, and blueback trout. While they are one of the most commercially sought after species they make up only 7-10% of the commercial salmon fishery. This species has three life history options: two types spend their entire lives in freshwater while only one type is anadromous.
They spend the least amount of time in freshwater, spawning in two year cycles very close to the mouth of streams with little to no upstream migration. They have the greatest life history diversity and can spend anywhere from 3 months to 3 years in freshwater.
When in the ocean they have bluish-green backs and silver sides with irregular spotting on the back, dorsal fin, and both lobes of the tail.

Cutthroat are characterized by a red or orange streak along the inner edge of the lower jaw. While in the ocean they appear to have steel blue to blue green backs, silver sides, and a white belly with large oval spots covering their back, adipose fin and both lobes of the caudal fin. Coho usually travel less then 100 miles from the moth of their stream for reproduction with the exception of a few populations that do travel over a thousand miles. However the number of returning spawners decreases significantly from year to year with few fourth year spawners. They have a greenish blue back tending towards metallic blue, silvery sides, and distinct black spots on the back, head, anal fin, tail, and sides. During the spawning phase pinks have dark backs with a pinkish wash and green blotches on their sides. While in the ocean they have dark metallic blue or greenish backs with silver sides and a light belly. There is a higher mortality rate during steelhead spawning season as they do not feed while in freshwater. These fish generally live for 2 years, are about 18-24in in length, and weigh about 3-5.5lbs. While in the ocean they are greenish blue on top of the head and back, silvery on the sides, and white to silver on the belly.

When in the ocean they are metallic, greenish-blue along the back with black speckles which closely resemble sockeye and coho.
They are characterized by their metallic blue backs and silvery sides, and black spots on the back, dorsal and caudal fins. These fish live an average of 3-6 years, fourth and fifth year spawners reach 17-19in in length, and weigh about 1-6lbs.
During the spawning phase the head and caudal fin become bright green and the body turns scarlet. During the spawning phase males get vertical bars in reds, greens, and purples, while females get a black horizontal stripe. They do not have a red dash under lower jaw which distinguishes steelhead from coastal cutthroat.

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