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Following on from a previous article on how to find out mailbox sizes in Exchange 2007 found here, the syntax is a little different for Exchange 2010.
I was asked by a client to look at their directory structure and permissions to make some suggestions about how it could be improved. I used AccessEnum (see link below) to pull out the details required and saved them as a unicode text file.

I ended up using the Excel 2010 function LEN(text), where text is the string you want to find the length of.
With 18+ years of industry experience, he is currently a Senior Technical Consultant specialising in Microsoft Small Business Server, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Hyper-V, VMware, Veeam and Dell hardware.
After importing this into Excel I noticed some of the directory paths were huge, so wanted to find a quick and easy way of finding the path length.

In the cell adjacent to the directory path selected Autosum – More functions option, LEN.

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