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When a hard-luck blue-collar worker and his two best friends are mistaken for Army Reservists by a tough-talking Army sergeant, the plane set to fly them to the front lines of Iraq mistakenly drops them in the middle of Mexico to disastrous results in a freewheeling military comedy starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and D.J. Futurystyczna sylwetka, supermodne kolory, design inspirowany moda i sportem – Sizeer prezentuje sneakery adidas Tubular. I used to say myself that Robert Englund was the only Freddy too, but looking close at Haley made me think better. And for all you people that don’t like these remakes I say this ,without remakes these characters will DIE!!!!
The thing you have to remember about a remake is that liek what is stated earlier is that you are able to start over and possible correct a mistake ala Freddy 2??? I think you need to get a life, we all love the classic but your goin a little overboard with your whole the characters will die!

I was probly 2 years old when my bro made me watch him for the first time, since then I’m obsessed with The Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
Haley deserves better than that.The man is an academy award nominee and simply just a superb actor!please give him a chance! Sneakerowy multibrand prezentuje futurystyczny model od marki adidas – Tubular wyroznia sie oplywowa sylwetka, ktora jest wynikiem mariazu sportu z moda.
Cant wait to see him again in action, and please guys dont f*** up the classic with some stupid BS.
Convinced that some suds and target shooting are just the right remedies for a broken, jobless heart, Larry sets out with his next-door neighbor Bill (Engvall) and their trigger-happy pal Everett (Qualls) in order to blast off some rounds and down some brews. Their relaxing weekend soon takes an unexpected turn, however, when hard-case Army sergeant Kilgrove (Keith David) mistakes the trio as slacking Army reservists and loads them in a plane bound for Fallujah.

Subsequently air-dropped over Mexico due to pilot error, the clueless, wannabe war heroes become convinced that they're actually in the Middle East and set out to save a rural village from what they assume to be an insurgent uprising.
Though the thankful locals champion the noble but dimwitted trio for their heroism, the celebration is short-lived as ruthless warlord Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo) pays a personal visit to the town with a plan to confront the fearless warriors who dared to challenge his iron-fist rule.

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