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I looking over some cool pictures of older Cherry Bombs and M-80?s and will post them here. That plaque with the Great American Firecrackers - we have that piece in our store on display on the wall. This division comprises articles and substances, which present only a small hazard in the event of ignition or initiation during transport.

The effects are largely confined to the package and no projection of fragments of appreciable size or range is to be expected. An external fire must not cause virtually instantaneous explosion of almost the entire contents of the package. Note: Articles and substances in this division are placed in Compatibility Group S when they are so packed or designed that any hazardous effects arising from accidental functioning are confined within the package unless the package has been degraded by fire, in which case all blast or projection effects are limited to the extent that they do not significantly hinder fire-fighting or other emergency response efforts in the immediate vicinity of the package.

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