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The 155mm, Medium, M777 Lightweight Towed Howitzer was first procured by Canada in 2005 in limited numbers to support deployed Canadian troops on operations. The GMS consists of a Power Management System, Inertial Navigation Unit, Gunners Display Unit, Muzzle Velocity Indicator (DOPPLER RADAR head from Weible in Germany), Detachment Commanders Display Terminal, and Odometer.
The lightweight characteristics of the M777 are mostly due to the dominating use of Titanium within the structure of the howitzer carriage.

There is no need for a variable recoil system on the M777 which helps reduce weight; however, the equilibration system is critical due to the fact that the ordnance is quite a bit forward of the trunnions.
The OEM for the howitzer is BAE Systems in the UK; however, the ordnance consisting of the Breech Mechanism, Cannon and Muzzle Brake is designed and manufactured by the US DoD.

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