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The Tata group unveils India’s first indigenously developed 155 mm howitzer in New Delhi on Monday. The truck-mounted howitzer will be displayed at an army seminar at the Maneckshaw centre tomorrow. The Howitzer has been reportedly developed in collaboration with DENEL, the South African defence equipment manufacturer. The barrel may have come from SA but as per Tata the platform, hydraulics, FCS and System integration is entirely Indian. We should rather be thankful to Tata for doing what DRDO couldn’t do in these many years. Hopefully our civilian artillery experts in the Ministry of Defence will show some maturity this time and accept this as a giant leap towards indigenisation of India defence equipment process.
An indigenous weapon is more than welcome so what it is still not better than the world’s bests.
Hopefully this will be a concrete step in modernisation in the defence sector while we plan for the manned mission to moon and Mars. TATA and Mohindra are the two Indian Companies who can do a lot in this feild if appreciated by our honourable political leaders in the interest of 120 crores of people. Too happy to see this…It is very good move to have private partnership in defense systems. And we’ll end with a kick-a 1-2 combo from 5th Battalion, 10th Marines deployed to Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

This flexible heavy machine gun is belt fed, and can fire armour piercing tracer ammunition from armoured vehicles or the ground.
The Browning 9-mm pistol is a small, but effective sidearm that can be rapidly drawn and fired in close-quarter combat. The C3A1 sniper rifle is a small arms weapon that can deliver highly accurate fire at a target up to 800 metres away.
The C3 Howitzer is a mobile, general purpose field artillery weapon that can fire at a range of up to 18 kilometres. The C6 7.62-mm, which can fire at a maximum rate of 1100 rounds per minute, can be carried by ground soldiers or mounted on armoured vehicles. Capable of single or automatic fire, the C7A2 automatic rifle is the personal weapon used by the Canadian Armed Forces. Similar to the C7A2, the C8A3 carbine rifle has an additional holographic sighting system for close combat.
The C9A2 light machine gun, capable of dual-fed automatic fire, is primarily used as an infantry support weapon. The M777 is lighter and smaller, yet more powerful than any gun of its kind, with highly accurate fire due to a digital fire control system. The 81-mm mortar has the tactical advantage of a high firepower path, which allows it to engage targets from behind cover. The gun was developed by its defence subsidiary Tata Power Strategic Electronics Division (SED) this year.

The rollout comes even as the Indian Army and the Ministry of Defence have struggled to import howitzers over the past 25 years. This also claims to out range the M777 assuming the 40km claim is with conventional shells. India is yet to achieve technological expertise to design and manufacture the gun system all by itself, therefore, assistance from other foreign companies was a must and thats what Tata did. It will certainly rejuvinate Indian artillery arm which is at the verge of decay with antique gun pieces of minium 25-30 years vintage, many are even much older.
These companies must take over such companies in the international market those who are having techniques but no business and should fulfill requirements of Indian weaponery.
India has immense talent, techniques and enough infrastructure and state of art manufacturing facilities.
Do not expect any Indian company to come up with an Indian mande barrel with no scope for orders.
By having private partnerships we can get rid of snail pace developments of government and reduce imports and scams.

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