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CustomPlay's revolutionary movie companion app allows you to interact with your favorite movies like never before. CustomPlay's Sync mode provides entertaining and informative features while the movie is playing.
CustomPlay's twelve features are available as a list of items to browse, shop, and interact with. CustomPlay's four unique games will test your movie knowledge across a range of challenging and entertaining categories. Whether it's the movie's theme song, a tune played on a radio, or the subtlety of a ringtone, the Music feature identifies them all with just a click of a button. Did you know that the chess game in 2001: A Space Odyssey provides an insight into HAL's character flaw? Do you want to go for a run in Forrest Gump's Nikes or own a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps like Andrea's from The Devil Wears Prada? Did you see Captain America's shield inconspicuously placed on Tony Stark's workbench in Iron Man? Have you ever wanted to know the name of Han Solo's iconic blaster (regardless of who shot first) or what model of Beretta John McLane is using in Die Hard?
Transformers: Age of Extinction is the 2014 installment in the Transformers film franchise. At the KSI research facility in Chicago, Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) demonstrates the abilities of transformium by transforming it from a Beats Pill to a Salient Arms International 1911. When hunting the Autobot Rachet and searching for Optimus Prime at the Yeager property in Texas, James Savoy (Titus Welliver), the field leader of Cemetery Wind, has a Glock 34 manufactured by Salient Arms International as his sidearm of choice.
The director of Cemetery Wind, Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer), uses a Smith & Wesson SW1911 during the final battle in Hong Kong. James Savoy (Titus Welliver) also uses a Heckler & Koch P30 during the final battle in Hong Kong. Most of Cemetery Wind operatives appear to carry the SIG-Sauer P226 as a sidearm throughout the film. The Cemetery Wind operative on the left can be seen with with what looks like a P226 in his hip holster.
One of the Cemetery Wind operatives threatens Tessa Yeager (Nicola Peltz) with a Glock 17 when their search for Optimus Prime at the Yeager property becomes violent.
When Cemetery Wind intrudes on the Yeager property to look for Optimus Prime, both James Savoy and one of his men have a Brugger & Thomet MP9 holstered at their sides.
At the end of the film, Hong Kong Police Special Duties Unit officers can be seen with Heckler & Koch MP5A5s fitted with Surefire forend weaponlights and red dot sights. One of Savoy's men is seen with a standalone pistol version of the C-MORE Systems M26 MASS while searching for Optimus Prime on the Yeager property. The primary weapon of the Cemetery Wind unit is the Salient Arms International Tier One AR-15, fitted with Magpul PMags, Magpul AFGs, HAMR scopes, ITAL laser designators and tactical flashlights.

A transformium-created Tier One AR in the hands of KSI scientist Gill Wembley (James Bachman).
Several Cemetery Wind operatives and KSI PMC use the Heckler & Koch HK416 D10RS with PMag-friendly Colt lower receivers and LE stocks as well as EOTech XPS2 sights, ACOG scopes, Magpul AFGs, and vertical foregrips.
Some Cemetery Wind operatives use FN SCAR-Ls with various accessories such as Magpul PMags, vertical foregrips and EOTech sights. The Cemetery Wind operative on the right with his SCAR-L as Optimus Prime makes his presence known. A Cemetery Wind operative aiming his SCAR-L out the window of an SUV during the car chase through Lockhart, Texas. The Remington ACR-E is used by multiple Cemetery Wind operatives, outfitted with Magpul PMags, HAMR scopes, EOTech XPS2 sights, 2x magnifiers, vertical grips and Magpul AFGs.
An ACR-E in the hands of the Cemetery Wind operative in the foreground before being struck by the tire of Shane's car. During the search for Optimus Prime and subsequent car chase in Lockhart, some Cemetery Wind operatives are armed with the SBR variant of the War Sport LVOA AR-15, sporting white finish and accessories such as Magpul PMags, Magpul AFGs, Micro T-1 red dot sights, tactical flashlights and white SOPMOD stocks. The same operative aiming his LVOA-S out the window of an SUV during the Lockhart car chase. Some of the Cemetery Wind operatives hunting Rachet and chasing the Yeagers in Texas use IWI Tavor SARs fitted with flattop RIS rails, Magpul PMags, tactical flashlights and Meprolight M5 reflex sights. The customized Mk 48 Mod 0 machine guns from the previous films appear to be carried by Cemetery Wind. The Cemetery Wind Team tasked with hunting down the Transformers have what appears to be a GE M134 minigun mounted on the roof of one of their SUV's. A Cemetery Wind operative mans a GE M134 Minigun mounted atop of an SUV during a chase scene. One of the Cemetery Wind members carries what appears to be a M249 SAW Paratrooper with components of the Product Improvement Package (PIP).
Using your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop you can instantly enjoy movie-related entertainment, information, and games. The on-demand function provides detailed information and links relating to the Music, Quotes, Vehicles, Weapons, and Who features.
You do not have to be in sync with the movie to enjoy the entertaining and informative content that List mode provides. With Locations you can take a tour of Wayne Manor or just explore the city with Google Street View. The Quotes feature allows you to rate the movie's most memorable lines and provides on-demand access to memes of those quotes.
Want to throw a dinner party and serve a turducken inspired by the many layers of Inception? Then compete for the Golden Popcorn trophy and display your trivia talent to the lesser mortals!

The Vehicles feature identifies anything that drives, flies, or sails and provides useful links to learn more about your favorite movie vehicles. This is the fourth Transformers film directed by Michael Bay, but in this sequel, an entirely new human cast is featured, which includes Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, and Kelsey Grammer.
Note that in the trailer version of this scene (though not the movie itself) he ejects a round while racking the slide-a strange mistake for a highly trained paramilitary operative.. San Juan Sheriff's Deputies are also seen with Glock 17s when looking for the Yeagers and Shane Dyson (Jack Reynor) at the Hole in the Rock. Army soldiers carry Colt M4A1s while guarding the wrecked Decepticon ships during the aftermath of the Battle of Chicago.
Our extensive features are available for a wide range of movies including AFI classics like Casablanca, Oscar winners like The Godfather, superhero smash hits like The Avengers, and, of course, recent releases. The notification function informs you when interesting, film-related content and links are available for the Dilemmas, Locations, Plot Info, Recipes, Shopping, SuperFan, and Trivia features.
Each movie has a set of dilemma questions where you can select one of two opposing principles. Each movie offers an assortment of restaurants, landmarks, hotels, and homes for you to explore or even book a trip to visit the real filming locations.
The Plot Info feature offers a helping hand in understanding some of movie's most perplexing plot twists. The Recipes feature gives you 3-4 creative recipes inspired by the characters, locations, and other iconic moments from the movie. The Shopping feature grants you access to about a hundred items per movie in a wide range of categories to browse and purchase. The SuperFan feature keeps you clued in on any major Easter eggs, production errors, hidden items, and cameos.
The Trivia feature provides a variety of questions, fun factoid follow-ups, and entertaining polls. No more waiting until the end of the movie to read through the extensive credits or having to scroll through a giant cast list on the web. Test your moral compass to determine which iconic characters' moral principles match your own.
Create a mouthwatering meal with a signature cocktail to elevate your culinary skills and expand your taste for movies. Then put your ears to the test and show off your musical prowess by answering a variety of questions in the Music game.

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