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In the efforts of changing their brand image, Burger King just launched a new star studded advertising campaign. Jay Leno kicks off the campaign and finds his own drive-thru lane to showcase the menu lineup. David Beckham heats up the front counter when he orders a cool, healthy Real Fruit Smoothie. Salma Hayek plays a diverse cast of BK customers, ordering Garden Fresh Salads, Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps and Crispy Chicken Strips, while showing off her acting chops in English and Spanish language ads.

Sofia Vergara dons a BK uniform and spices up the kitchen, making a Garden Fresh Salad and Real Fruit Smoothie in Spanish language ads.
These star-studded ads are bound to generate awareness and buzz for the brand and highlight their new food in unique and refreshing ways. As a part of the campaign, Burger King has also prepared a number of sampling trucks nationwide to promote their new menu. It has added 10 new items to their menu like snack wraps, chicken strips, smoothies and frappe coffee drinks.

The new food items sure looks delicious and they are inviting new customers into a new and fresh brand experience. I personally prefer BK over other fast food chains as it offers veggie burger and I’ll definitely try their new garden salad and smoothies.

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