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Check out the SoccerXpert Soccer Resource center for more downloads, or click here to view a printable soccer field diagram. Only in conjunction with the M Sport Package, the Estoril Blue and Carbon Black are made available to customers.
For years, if you wanted a premium mid-size luxury sport sedan, you sought the brand with the blue and white roundel. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? I'm here to tell you that, first of all, it's incredibly unlikely that they will kill Superman in this film.
Now a little bit of background for those less comics-savvy: In the early '90s, it was decided that they would kill Superman. At the time, there were four monthly Superman titles, one coming out nearly every week of the year. There are a couple of pieces of information buried in all of that which we'll come back to later. Since Doomsday was a new character when he was introduced, and since The Death of Superman went on to become one of DC's best-selling stories ever in both the monthly comics and in collected editions, that story continues to define Doomsday to this day. That, of course, is the product of huge success in comics sales: there's a desire to ape the story on film.
Second, and somewhat more specific to the film, is that there has long been a contingent of fans who said, basically, that Superman may not have died during his battle with Doomsday if he had been backed up by the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman.
I've never really bought into that argument since it ignores that the point of the story was to kill Superman, and there are any number of ways those characters could have contained Doomsday if the objective of the story were to have somebody besides Superman take him down.

It's also probably hard to overstate how damaging it could be to Wonder Woman's big-screen debut if she makes that grand entrance as seen in the trailers and then doesn't have the necessary power to help Superman take down Doomsday.
Back when The Dark Knight Rises was in production and Bane had been announced, there was a sense of "why use him?" if he didn't get to break Batman as he was created to do (Knightfall, which came after Doomsday, followed a very similar trajectory).
It could be the first actual attempt to throw a nod to the TV universe to have Rip have credibility on Legends. The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe joins the coupe and convertible variants of one of the most attractive lineup. In addition to many familiar colors, such as Glacier Silver, Alpine White or Black Sapphire, there is also a new color brown Jatoba. The Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Glacier Silver and Mineral Grey are other to choose from. The death, it was decided, would have to come at the hands of a new enemy, and it would be the result of a brutal head to head battle that ended with both combatants utterly spent. The odds are very low that, while introducing and setting up the rest of the League, Warner Bros.
Another part: Frankly, its impact would be significantly blunted by how few times we've seen him. In that movie, which would have been a solo Superman film rather than a DC Universe epic, Superman would have fallen to Doomsday and then been revived all in the span of a single movie.
The team broke up and, when it was revived, the new League was populated not with the biggest and best-known names in the DC Universe but primarily with second-stringers or fairly new characters who stood to benefit from the visibility of being on the team and the recognizability of the "Justice League" brand.
This is the "Dawn of" the Justice League and it's hard to imagine that the iconic DC superteam would lose their first fight out of the gate.

Here, some fans will ask the same question -- and it won't be unwarranted -- but the reality is, Doomsday is likely not being seen as "the creature that killed Superman" here, but a threat big enough to demand Wonder Woman's help in taking him down.
Superman is key to the formation of the Justice League and Henry Cavill was confirmed to be returning for JL: Part One anyways.
Only for models without the M Sport package, Black, Kalahari Beige, Midnight Blue, Sparkling Brown, Melbourne Red, Imperial Blue, Mineral White and Jatoba are up for election. Yes, Superman is a global icon and he comes with his own kind of built-in fan base so it isn't quite like we're talking about Iron Man in his first movie or two. Theoretically, the mission statement of the League is to take on threats too big for any one hero -- and so when these three team up to face down Doomsday, they have to win in order to lend that mission statement any credence. It would come off as Superman losing to the zombified corpse of a guy he already beat once, and Batman and Wonder Woman being basically useless.
Still, part of the reason The Death of Superman had such an impact is that his impact on the world was felt -- something that simply can't happen without developing his supporting cast and the larger DC Universe a bit onscreen first. Besides, he is a living, breathing plot device and if they do plan on "killing" Superman down the road in the DCEU, I think it'll have more impact for a character like Darkseid to do it.

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