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Pinoy Entrepreneurs Consumers Cooperative (PECCo) members may now send payments and claim their sales commission from any of the 1,800 ML branches nationwide.
M Lhuillier Executive Vice President Michael Lhuilliier and Financial Services Division Manager Cecilia B. With the partnership, M Lhuillier serves as PECCo’s bills payment partner, collecting payments on its behalf. Meanwhile, PECCo is a cooperative start-up created by self-employed individuals who teamed up to brew an organized business facility from which members can draw financial support through marketing and selling products. M Lhuillier is an acknowledged pioneer in non-bank financial services ranging from money transfer (Kwarta Padala), quick cash loans, pawnshop, food products to telecommunication e-loading. M Lhuillier is your bridge – whether you are looking to connect with friends or loved ones, we have locations all over the world to serve you!
It was a splashing underwater scene at this year’s Tuna Festival with M Lhuillier’s float parading the streets of General Santos City along with different contingents from the public and private sector last September 1, 2015.
Incarnating a seemingly live marine sanctuary, ML’s float was adorned with enormous sea creatures with a giant tuna atop attracting the crowd’s attention. For its remarkable design and concept, ML’s float garnered 2nd Place in Best Float this year, a rank higher than last year’s float parade competition.

The Tuna Capital of the country once again proved its hype with its line up of activities for festival goers. For the past eight years, Panjie Pangilinan has been doing artwork for contingents and companies, among other groups, that will join the Sinulog Grand Parade. This year, the 56-year-old freelance artist made four floats, including the float for M Lhuillier Pawnshop, which joined the competition during the Sinulog Grand Parade. Pangilinan said he never ran out of ideas for his works, as he keeps on planning concepts after every Sinulog. Pangilinan is a native of Luzon, but he opted to reside in Barangay Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City after he opened his business there. He said it would usually take him about two months to finish working on the floats. He said he will hire at least 20 workers to help him in the painting and carpentry works on the floats.
Though he works double times to meet the deadline, Pangilinan said that all the sacrifices and hard work are paid off when he sees the crowd taking pictures and appreciating his work. Lumapas signed the contract with PECCo Chairman Snyder Su and PECCo staff Janice Ricafrente last Friday.
It is one of today’s fastest growing financial institutions in the non-bank financial services sector for its consistency in providing the safest and quickest non-bank transactions to Filipinos around the world. At night, the float maintained its colourful facade with a playful light display accompanied by groovy music. Selected ML employees were dressed in dazzling blue costumes with some riding the float to add aesthetic effect. In 2013, the company championed Tunafest’s float parade competition, besting other contingents from the private sector. Among of the highlights was the much-awaited Float Parade annually participated by the company.

Huge blue and green birds paced in a garden of orange, pink and red flowers and other plants adorned the M Lhuillier float. Some of his regular clients would just allow him to come up with his own designs for their floats.
Among those remittance centers, Palawan Express Pera Padala offers the cheapest transfer rate in almost all locations nationwide.
In the long run, PECCo aims to be a stronghold for Filipinos who want to be financially independent. Male employees also flaunted their glittery blue costumes as they walked the streets during the parade. During the grand parade, the pawnshop’s float was among those that wowed the crowd, especially that celebrities Ogie Alcasid and Melai Cantiveros were aboard the float. The ML team was a “lens-catcher” as people stopped by to take a photo with the float and the employees in costumes. There are not many Palawan Express branches; however, they have partnered with LBC Express, Inc. You can now send and receive money through branch pick-up from Palawan Pawnshop to LBC Express Inc.
If you want to save on remittance rates when sending money to your loved ones, try sending via Palawan Express.

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