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Diva au genre trouble que la theoricienne queer Judith Butler aurait pu elever au rang de figure egerique de sa pensee, incarnation post-structuraliste, M.
A cette forme, transgenre et superlative, l’artiste afro-americain ne en Alabama repond par des textes puissants et abrasifs. A l’occasion de la sortie de son 5eme numero, Le Devaloir et toute son equipe vous invite a venir feter l’evenement en musique! Vous pourrez egalement decouvrir, dans cette edition, le travail de nombreux artistes qui seront peut-etre la pour vous accorder une danse!
Through an immersive video projection, a haunting soundtrack, large-scale prints, and sculptural props, Lamar unveils a stunning, epic vision of black male figures in transition.
Here we witness the violence of our past, freedoms of the present, alongside the ongoing inability of the American justice system to materially protect black youth.

Lamar’s exhibition NEGROGOTHIC strips the American enterprise to its hard-core components of race, sexuality, violence, and optimism.
Lamar’s expansive narrative draws from his own African American heritage, and performs a cultural grand tour that bridges the slave ship and bondage imagery, lynchings with capital punishment, and the Negro spiritual and contemporary protest. Lamar painfully evokes injustice, even as he occupies the transcendent, empowered role of the diva. Lamar works across opera, metal, performance, video, and sculpture to craft sprawling narratives of racial and sexual transformation. In imagery that links the histories of slavery and Robert Mapplethorpe, and through sound that connects Lamar’s operatic counter-tenor with doom metal, the artist offers a searing and soaring portrait of the contemporary United States. In this fearlessly constructed landscape, Lamar projects ecstatic resistance toward both the subjugated and essentialized black male.

Lamar holds a BFA from SFAI and attended the Yale School of Art, sculpture program, before dropping out to pursue music. He recently performed the pre-transition role of Sophia, alongside his twin sister Laverne Cox, in Orange Is the New Black.

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