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Likewise there are also several other hot actresses who have become great crowd pullers with their scintillating performances.
Nayantara is another hot actress whose brilliant acting talents gave her movies a resounding success at the box office. Over the years Tamil film industry has also attracted gorgeous bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Manisha Koirala, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu and several others. The legendary actresses like dusky beauty Rekha, dream girl Hema Malini, and gorgeous beauty Sridevi who ruled bollywood for decades with their dazzling performances hold one common trait amongst themselves.
Rekha gained fame as a bollywood actress with outstanding performances in a number of hit bollywood films. Sridevi who began her acting as a child star grew up into a fascinating versatile actress the Indian cinema has ever seen. Trisha, the Tamil Iyer beauty rose to dizzying heights of fame in Tamil films with her scintillating cheeky performances. Vidya Balan who was born in Kerala to a Tamil Iyer couple is a beautiful and promising bollywood actress. The list of women celebrities with a close Tamil connection making waves in India and abroad is never ending.
Tamanna is a passionate dedicated Tamil actress who shot to fame with her exhilarating performances in many Tamil films.
The cute Tamil actress Bhavana has given brilliant performances in a number of Tamil films that went mega hits.
The cute n demure Trisha is the finest Tamil actress whose soul-stirring performances in many Tamil movies have catapulted her to the top of the world in Tamil films. The Tamil film industry which produces around 150 films a year has now fallen into a serious crisis, according to the Tamil film analysts.
Kollywood watchers predict that the star power of these amazing actresses has worked earlier and works this time too helping Kollywood regain its lost glory… including financially.
Happy to be in Hyderabad and brushing her Telugu once again, the actor says, "I had never been to Hyderabad before, for my earlier movies we shot at Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, etc.
My parents live close to us in Mumbai and are of great help, they make my husband's life easier when I am away from the city. Nadhiya says her husband felt that she gave up her career for him and also her talent was not exploited completely, so he wanted her to take it up again.
She says, "Acting is a passion but not a priority, with this people will get to know that I'm back. However, the actress doesna€™t bother much about her name being misspelled, though her official name is Nadia Moidu. The actress, who has been maintaining her slim frame since her 20a€™s, says she loves to eat a lot. Nadia who pokes fun at her previous films says, a€?Honestly, back home, when we watch my old films, my children and I have a hearty laugh.

After she took over the popular TV show, a€?Jackpota€™, in Jaya TV, Nadia keeps coming back to Chennai quite often.
The actresses who are ruling Tamil films as their own fiefdom are: Tamanna, Asin, Shriya Saran, Meera Jasmine, Namitha, Sandhya and Lakshmi Rai. Literally this dream merchant has turned into a dream girl for billions of fans through her scintillating performances in hundreds of films. Critics hail her as an awesome actress whose acting talents saw several movies becoming blockbusters. Blessed with beauty and brains Tamil women will surely continue making their presence felt in the world of entertainment for a long time to come. Her youthful exuberance coupled with tremendous acting talents has made her one of the top stars in Tamil films today. Priyamani has since given outstanding performances in many Tamil films winning the hearts of millions of fans. Other new Tamil actresses who are trying to woo the audiences to theaters to rake Kollywood in big moneys are beautiful Simran, hot Saranya Mohan, gorgeous Genelia, the buxom beauty Charmi Kaur and others. Tamil and Malayalam actor Nadhiya is playing Prabhas' mother in Mirchi that is releasing in February and one look at her you are more than glad to see a Telugu movie mom look so slim and lovely.
I need to see this place really." Nadhiya has done around 35 films and 27 out of them were shot before her marriage.
Her daughters are grown up, they can manage to stay without her and she felt that it was the perfect time.
She calls Prabhas a lovely person with whom she shared many a conversation ranging from life in general to spirituality.
Nadia, who was in the city recently, says that she keeps moving in and out of Chennai quite often.
Talented artists various walks of life perform non stop stand up comedy and entertain the audience. Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Manisha Koirala, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu and many others have also graced Tamil cinema. Rekha was born in Chennai while Hema Malini was born in Ammankudi in Tiruchirapalli district and Sridevi in Sivakasi. The movie became a big blockbuster hit and within a week Rekha found herself with 18 films in her lap.
She was the topmost actress in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films for decades together and breathed life into the roles she portrayed in nearly 260 films. It was on a study trip to Madrid that Padma Lakshmi was discovered by a renowned model photographer Helmut Newton while she was in Madrid on a study trip.
Her wonderful performances has seen several Tamil films going mega hits and in the process endeared her to millions of fans. Priyamani after a brief stint as a model plunged into films quickly rising to fame in kollywood becoming the critics delight and as well the heartthrob of millions of Tamil film crowd.

Besides earning numerous awards & honors ravishing beauty Trisha also became the queen of Tamil films winning the hearts of Tamil film audiences.
2009 indeed is going to be a testing time for Kollywood as it is banking heavily on the magnetic charms of these beautiful hot actresses to parade their respective movies at the box office. With two daughters one 16 and one aged 10 Nadhiya allots time for herself to be what she is today, eating right and exercising regularly. Like the Malayalam film, a€?Sevensa€™, where I play a police commissioner with the right mix of grace and action.
Since then Rekha never looked back and went on to give amazing performances in nearly 180 Hindi films most of which turned out to become major hits. Besides films, Vidya Balan has also appeared in leading commercial campaigns and performed in music videos of Pankaj Udhas & Shubha Mudgal. She soon began modeling in Paris, Milan and New York and graced the covers of several leading international magazines like Vogue; and became the most sought after internationally successful Indian supermodel.
With age, beauty and abundant acting talents by her side hot Tamanna has a long way to go in Tamil films. Mirchi is not her debut movie in Telugu, she had worked in three films before she got married and few others might have had a dubbed release.
Now you will be surprised to know that my real name happens to be Zareena,a€? reveals vivacious actor Nadia, who is known for her youthful looks and demeanour.
But if you ask my husband, he will say a€?I keep my wife happy, and so she is healthy and fita€™,a€? she laughs.
Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. A fascinating actress and a role-model for generation next the sensuous Rekha ruled bollywood like a queen. The benefit of being older is that you are emotionally much strong, you have kids, you have a better understanding of life after going through any experiences. The story revolves around a€?Sevensa€™, a kind of football game played in North Kerala and seven men inadvertently get involved in a crime,a€? she explains. But, now, when I get compliments about my friendly interaction with the participants, Ia€™m of course super happy,a€? says Nadia. I thought as soon as he would get a job, settle down I would also settle down with him, that was the plan.

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