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What he discovers on Pontus is death, betrayal and possibly the last hope for his people… if he is brave enough, strong enough and can love enough to accept what the Goddess has gifted him.
I am so excited about this book & im totally in love with the idea of you building a whole universe and combining all of the books ! I found your books and enjoyed reading all the Tornian series you have out so far (more then once). Thanks to all the Elves hard work and a little bit of Christmas magic ‘Love Without Boundaries’ is being released on December 19th instead of the 21st!!!! Leah’s head spun and she tried to pull out one thought in which to argue such a ridiculous statement but there were so many swirling that she floundered. Two measly words that brought ice to her veins and wide, shocked eyes back to the older man.
Isis raised her hand, slowly covering his fingers with hers, as she too touched their home.

Tipping her face up, she found his lips a hairs breath away and truth blazing in his amazing grey eyes.
Great Conductors of the 20th Century celebrates the so many superstar performers of the last century, conductors who collectively shaped the course of classical music.
Julius Caesar never used a mobile phone, Socrates never consulted a digital watch, and Alexander the Great never flushed the lavatory. Also do you have a new release date for the now second book in the Kaliszians series, Treyvon?
When the Tornian Emperor’s ship is attacked while within Kaliszian boundaries, Treyvon’s rage knows no bounds. I am looking at a late January or February release, Jackie, but I don’t have a firm date yet.
Thus, rather than a proud celebration of the full wealth of this keystone of classical art, the truncated result is tinged with regret for what might have been.

As soon as I have a release date, I will announce it here and on FB and Twitter so you won’t miss out.
I love the rich histories and personalities you develop for each character in your books, and the depth you explore in each of your stories.
We have been hitting 0 temps around midday and then the mercury drops again so I am looking forward to things warming up and defrosting.
If Trevyon doesn’t arrive in January, I am sure it will be that much better in February!

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