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Facebook has announced the Facebook Android beta test program which will mean fans of the social networking platform who use Google’s mobile operating system can opt-in for early access to new Facebook app updates. Facebook says the point of this is to allow testing on a broader range of devices ahead of release, hopefully meaning more bugs can be ironed out. But there is of course the obvious advantage to the beta testers of being able to access the latest Facebook updates ahead of time, even if they will potentially have the odd hiccup. And if you want a bit more info before you take the plunge, head on over to Facebook’s dedicated page. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is OFFICIAL: 6GB of RAM + 128GB Storage Model Confirmed As Chinese Exclusive! Okay, so Facebook might not be that important, but it’s definitely something many of us cannot live without. Now that you know how to change your Facebook layout, be sure to find your favorite design!
The Beatles never go out of style, and a psychedelic new Facebook profile layout such as this is a perfect encapsulation for everything the band stood for, especially in their later years. Though he is often lumped in with many other pop artists, Bruno Mars has one of the most unique sounds in today’s music landscape. In Japanese culture, the word Kawaii literally means “lovable,” “cute,” “adorable” and just about every other desirable adjective you can think of. For most, joining Facebook caused your default settings to share your status updates with everyone in the world. Facebook has also added a “Privacy Checkup” feature, which allows users to see what information apps are using and sharing from your account. Overall Facebook is attempting to make privacy a non-issue on the site, but it still has a long road to travel if it plans to convince the people who are die-hard about not sharing their personal info. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.
Though not official, it has become clear that Facebook has been blocked in Vietnam for a good while now. We will keep a close eye to see if and when access to Facebook will be restored in Vietnam.
For FPT, a great way to gain access to foreign technology and a slice of the FB ad revenue.
Still, my larger question is, how is the Middle East ‘Jasmine Revolution’ being reported in Vietnam?

I live in Vietnam also, and I have to find ways to get around the blocking of Facebook put up by the government. The government divvies up and siphons off these foreign currencies to its corrupt officials’ overseas bank accounts, which puts a heavy strain on the rest of the population who needs them to buy raw materials or fertilizer or machinery or equipment to get products to the market. If the Vietnam economy is so hot as reported by the government for the last 10 years, why does one see able-bodied people lounge around in cafes, bars, eateries etc. Nice to finally find a website that makes an effort to cover the Vietnam-Facebook issue on a consistent basis. I must say that in 8 years of coming to Vietnam, I have been on the whole impressed with this country’s restraint in internet censorship, especially as contrasted it with its big neighbor to the north. As an update, I am now in HCMC on 30 April 2011 and my ISP, Viettel, is still blocking Facebook. I live in Vietnam, Hoi An to be precise.  Noticed this morning that I could access my facebook account without having to first launch my proxy server program!  I can access from computers, iphones and ipods easily all day today!
Recently for the last few weeks facebook has been unblocked in Vietnam without any interruption and remained consistent. About UsVietnam Talking Points (VTP) is an online editorial dedicated to shedding a fresh perspective on Vietnamese culture & issues. The social networking behemoth has essentially ingrained itself into our lives, making it as important as air or water. All you will have to do is connect with your Facebook account and, in one click, you’re ready to have a brand-new look on your page. Your team just won the biggest game in American sports, which gives you free reign to brag for an entire year.
This level of cuteness can be found on just about anything, from entertainment and food to one’s own personal appearance and, of course, Facebook layouts.
Now with a change to default posting settings and the addition of a “Privacy Checkup”, post are now shared only to your friends by default. Now people may be selective to whom they share with on Facebook, and the site will become more useful for connecting with friends and family close and distant.
However, it would be interesting to see if FB will submit to the same self-censorship provisions as other ISPs operating in Vietnam in order to get market share.
Can someone comment on the implications of FB (or other social media like OVN) facilitating personal freedom and exchange of info, perhaps fomenting a Jasmine Revolution in VN?
The diaspora community is very active, via social networking, in what is going on in Syria, for example.

Most people here have access to FB as they are always ways to get around so the censorship never made sense to me. Unlike MySpace, which let users run rampant with customization, Facebook continues to have a pretty rigid design. It all really depends on what site you get your layout from, but it’s always an easy process.
The next season promises to be just as good, so this Facebook layout should be able to hold you over until then.
Best of all, they’re updated constantly, so keep checking back because you’re bound to find a Facebook layout you love. Facebook may have come to realize that they are not competing with Twitter, but they are competing to keep the site interesting and their users engaged.
Facebook will also soon add the new “Anonymous Login” feature that was announced at the F8 developer conference.
Whilst I could access it through my proxy server program it did tend to make things very slow.  Not anymore! They already scan everything we share so making the information public won’t make changes their ability to serve ads to the user.
I won’t be surprised when Vietnam becomes one of the biggest economies in Asia in the next few decades.
The nature of what Facebook is, and can be, has been argued since its inception at Harvard in 2004. As a result, Facebook's dominance of social networks has given it influence over perceptions of privacy in digital spaces.The technology and users platforms pointed out several instances where Facebook changed its policies and opened their user information to outside companies.
On more than one occasion between 2009 and 2012, Facebook had to apologize for such transgressions after users voiced their outrage. Hopefully with better education, regulatuion and forign investment things will change for the better, in time … these people deserve a friggin break allready. And yet, Facebook needs users for their content and data in order to be profitable, but how long before privacy concerns become big enough for users to leave the space for one they feel is less exploitive? A greater examination of an alternative within this chapter could have shed some light on where Facebook may go in the next few years, and while yes, this is critical history of social media, some speculation could aid in better understanding the past.

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