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The n-dash and m-dash are among the punctuation you rarely see used in tweets, which is a shame because, for example, using an m-dash to separate clauses only uses one character – it’s space-efficient for tweeting. On an iPhone, hold down the hyphen (minus symbol) and you’ll see three choices appear.
I tested this right away on a tablet then on an older Android smartphone and sure enough, it works the same! I suspect there are a lot of cool punctuation tricks lurking underneath the iPhone and Android keyboards – thanks for any tips in the comments! Yeah, well, the F-bomb - it's become as ubiquitous as the word 'like.' People just throw the word 'like' around as punctuation.

The hyphen, dash, n-dash and m-dash crop-up all the time in Microsoft Word but most of us don’t know why, and we use them inconsistently. Subscribete a nuestro BoletinRecibe informacion de primera sobre lo ultimo en celulares y precios.
As soon as you type anything in Google search you get results very in only a matter of microseconds but not before it gets processed in the enormous brains of the mainframe computers from Google.
As a result, many people almost give up on punctuation when they use Twitter and other online tools that are most often used from a mobile device. This shows what the default keyboard looks like after you do a long press on the dash key – it expands to show four options.

Anyway, when you go to the numerical keypad and long-press the dash key, again you get an expanded selection that includes the ndash and mdash.
The fact is that the n-dash and m-dash are very useful and easy to use – whether you follow the rules or break them (but it’s best to break rules consistently).

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