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It’s at about this time of year – after five months or so of steady clouds and rain – when Vancouverites thoughts turn to . Now, I’ll be the first to admit that River Rock isn’t exactly a “Bellagio of the North” and that Richmond might not boast all the allures of Las Vegas Strip.   But – since I needed a break from the rain this weekend – I decided to give it a shot. Lead singer and James Brown lookalike Mike Henry – dressed in a bright red, double-breasted suit – strutted his stuff for some inspired renditions of Sex Machine, Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, I Feel Good and dozens of other classics (In fact, he did so many splits on stage I’m amazed he didn’t tear his pants). I asked several people at different times who work at River Rock if they ever been to any Casino outside of the lower mainland and especially down south, or any where in the USA.
The other parts of the stay are probably going to be with friends so that’s going to beat any hotel experience.
However, in today’s highly competitive world, most of the traditional methods result in no gain and you end up wasting a lot of money.
Our goal is to give an insider’s view of Vancouver, to provide information, stories and opinions from the locals’ perspective about this great city.

The material on this website may not be cached, distributed, reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise used without the prior permission of Tourism Vancouver. There aren’t too many airlines that fly direct, and since it was a short flight, we decided to rough it out on Spirit Airlines. I booked my 1st and 2nd night under different rooms, to see if I can get double the $100 resort credit fee since it is per stay. They make my vacation start from the moment I get to the airport to the moment I leave the airport, not when I arrive at my destination.
If you have Priority pass select membership (free with your AMEX Platinum) download the priority pass mobile app.
Which would explain how mediocre the buffet at the River Rock is and it’s still around. If I have time, I plan to first stop by at Wingtips Lounge in JFK (via priority pass), then The Centurion Lounge in LAS (via Amex Plat).

We also had to be flexible on our dates, as Delta has several limited days which award fares were cheapest.
I booked that entire part using my Barclays Arrival Card, which still has the $400 bonus I received on it. I designated Delta as my airline carrier for my Amex Platinum card, which gives me $200 in airline incidentals per year. This will allow me to accrue points faster, and cut some lines if there’s a long wait.

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