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Anyone thinking about purchasing this keyboard would do well to consider adding a sustain pedal and a keyboard stand to their order (if you don't already have one!) And don't forget about the MIDI cable! The volume, pitch-bend and tremelo sliders are really nice for adding expression to the sound. Lightweight and portable, this is a great keyboard to use at home, in a studio, or for gigs on the road. I voided any shred of a warranty when I brought my busted keyboard to an independent, local repair guy, and it STILL didn't work.
I feel bad about rating the features with only a 5, because the only reason I bought this controller is that it is the only 88 key controller that doesn't cost a fortune due to the extreme simplicity of the design. There is only a MIDI out jack on the controller, so if you are using this as a part of a chain it has to be your first thing.
It does come with a USB cable and some stuff for a computer, but I have never used this for a computer, only as a real instrument MIDI controller.
Everything is easy to use about the keyboard, but the actual keys themselves are miserable to play on, for a few reasons. The second problem is that the keys can be pressed much further down than any piano, organ, or synth. The final problem is that the black keys are much more sensitive to velocity than the white keys. So like I said, this keyboard really is miserable to play on if you are used to playing a piano, organ, or synth.
I only bought this controller because at the time, Korg was only selling the 61 key version of the M3. Very outstanding feathers a must get for any seroius producer not trying to brake in the bank. I want it due to the fact that it is very good to use and looks like a champ .If you by also get a stand due to the fact that it is very tall about 4 foot 8" .

Sign up to receive our All Access Pass newsletter, and never miss out on information handpicked for you by our gear experts! This is perhaps the best keyboard controller on the market if you use it to activate "static" sounds such as piano, organ, and clavinet.
The Keystation 49e keyboard comes with a well-written manual, a USB connection cable, start-up software, AND Ableton Live software!
I shall use the M-AUDIO Keystation 49e in my studio and live rig until whichever one of us first gives up the ghost. The sound is really great I've recorded many songs and the equipment I have really sets it off! There's alot of things you can do especially if you want a guitar sound any kind of strings etc. It makes me feel good knowing that I can just get right to it and knock out whatever I'm mixing down with the cool sounds and mixes. The keyboard itself doesn't, do much, but I didn't buy it to use without Reason, so concidering that, it does everything.
Concidering that I originally wanted the Korg Radias, I think for $1600 less, and with all the things I can do with it, it is well worth the $100. The additional functions (program change, channel select etc) are hard to reach, you have to press a function key and then one of the piano keys to select and change parameters. It was used pretty rarely in the 5 years I had it but it broke anyway, one 'B' key after the other ceased function. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement et profitez des tarifs speciaux reserves aux membres Audiofanzine. Indien je op zoek bent naar een volwaardig 88 toetsen masterkeyboard welke tevens lichtgewicht moet zijn, dan is de M-Audio Keystation 88es het masterkeyboard bij uitstek. This Keystation boasts full-sized, semi-weighted hammer-action keys and both MIDI and USB output.

Connect it to a laptop computer with the included USB connection cable and you can, like me, use the Keystation 49e to access and activate sound banks on Reason, or other such software, giving you, in effect, a ten pound grand piano! I had to spend a whopping five minutes before I could connect it, turn it on, start it up, and play it through the studio's PA! I enjoy it for the heavy keys they actually have some weight to them and gives it a good feel to it.
There's no labeling on the keys so you have to refer to the manual all the time to use these functions. Design is neutral, the feel is bad and it makes creaking noises if you carry it or squeeze it a little but. Je krijgt een semi gewogen klavier met een fantastische feel welke natuurlijk aanslaggevoelig is.
The Keystation 49e serves as my piano, organ, and clav, and for this size and quality and LIGHT WEIGHT, the Keystation 49e provides the best value for the money. If you're buying a keyboard like this, you get "keyboard-like plastic lump that generates MIDI events" and nothing more. Buying twice cheap doesn't get you the mileage and costs you more than one time buying the right thing.
So I got the tabletop M3 and then bought the only 88 key controller I could find that I could still afford after getting the M3. Sluit hem aan via USB aan de PC of MAC of via de midi output aan een geluidsmodule en je kan hem gebruiken!

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