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It also had an interesting undercarriage - a 'bicycle' arrangement with two four-wheel bogies for and aft of the large weapons bay.
To provide the necessary angle of attack, the front undercarriage leg is much longer than the rear ? and on takeoff the whole front bogie pivots about the leg so that only the rearmost pair of front wheels is actually on the runway ? thereby further increasing the angle of attack.
Allthough the crew claimed it went supersonic - the ground-based recording equipment said it didn't.

Si creiamos que a la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, se le habia olvidado el tema, estabamos equivocados. The following photographs are the copyright of Ken Duffey - and may not be used without permission. The M-50 was originally designed to use four Zubets RD-16-17 engines of approximately 18,000 kg thrust each.

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