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This study had Korean researchers take measurements of 144 anesthetized men’s flaccid (but stretched out) penises before taking measurements of their right index and ring fingers.
This particular study was carried out on only Korean men (individual ethnic groups’ digit ratios vary too greatly to be accurately tested alongside another one) who were about to undergo urological surgery.
This manner of thinking leads to people coming to their own conclusions, and believing what they’re told without even the ability to ask someone who has the proper knowledge. It doesn’t always stem from hatred or intolerance, but simply a lack of understanding.

But all good myths start somewhere, so I’m interested in seeing if this one turns out like the rest, or if it still holds some truth when conducted on a large scale. I have no honest idea if this was consensual, which opens up mildly alarming possibilities for what is allowed to happen to you after you’re unconscious on a South Korean hospital bed.
There exist so many myths and misconceptions about every facet of human sexuality, it would be impossible to compile them all in one place.
Humans don’t come color-coded based on the size of their penises, though some people would like to think so for questionable reasons.

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