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Latest technology in connection with forward-looking innovation creates a new pistol MADE IN AUSTRIA.
Austrian gun designer Wolfram Kriegleder ,who designed the Walther P22, has designed a new pistol in response to what American shooters said they wanted in a target and shooting pistol. What Americans would like to see is a low cost versions of Olympic target pistols and not a tactical target pistol.
I sure hope that M22 slide isn’t made out of pot metal like the P22 and sig mosquito.
Pardon my vitriol, but if the same guy here is responsible for putting the non-locking safety on the single-action capable P22, and this idiot does the same thing on this pistol, I will personally ensure that we will *NOT* carry it in my store.
Any gun that leaves you hangin’ with the hammer back, unlocked, over a pin block safety that may or may not work at any given time is UNSAFE, a FAULTY DESIGN.

What I failed to mention in my previous post was that EVERY Glock owner should have an M22. Bought an M-22 and had terrible problems with it until I polished the feed ramp and fed it HV rounds. Las imagenes y caracteristicas descritas anteriormente pueden no ser exactas a las del producto por cambios realizados por el proveedor.
The pistol will be imported by Austrian Sporting Arms and is said to be available in Spring 2009.
The gun has multiple safetys including a switch saftey, a trigger lock and a system that will not allow the hammer to cock unless the saftey is not engaged. Very good looking pistol and really hard to distinguish from a Glock until you make a close inspection.

I did not find the safety features to be an obstacle, but very useful for instructing a new shooter. I bought it instead of another gun due to the safety of a single actioin, trigger lock and hammer drop.

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